HK-The world’s most tourists visited place of 2017

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London which was considered to be the most popular city in the world is no longer the city with most tourists. Hong Kong(HK) has stolen the English crown of being the most tourist visited site in 2017. Interestingly, Hong Kong was not even in the top ten according to the 2016 survey which makes Hong Kong’s current elevated position all the more surprising.

One of the major causes of the rapid surge in Hong Kong’s tourism industry was the ‘Golden Week’ Holidays celebrated from 1st of October to the 8th in the account of the National day of China. However, this year one extra holiday was added to it due to the Mid-Autumn festival coming along its way. It is believed that Golden Week Holidays were one of the principal reason for the sudden rise of Hong Kong’s tourism industry and is further supported by the statistics released by Tourism Board according to which in October 2017 there was a 6.6 percent year-on-year increase to 5.28 million visitors among which roughly three quarters were Chinese.

Yet another quite common reason for the increased tourism is the abundance of tourist hotspots in Hong Kong. Places such as Ocean Park, Disneyland, “Ngong Ping” cable cars, retail entertainment Centre, and “Tian Tan Buddha”, which is a landmark hilltop statue of Buddha, are some of the more treasured places, which foreigners find appealing in Hong Kong. These places teem you up with energy when you arrive, and it never lets up. The ferry rides, innumerable shopping places to get lost in, the mouth-watering traditional Chinese cuisine to indulge one’s taste buds, the horizons and myriad of historical places to be photographed and much more mean that you are never out of things to do.


Furthermore, an uncommon cause of HK’s increased tourism is the growth of international students in Hong Kong. With the modernized era taking its shape, more international students are seeking the opportunity to study outside their home country, and in doing so Hong Kong is their preferred choice. With Hong Kong’s more than five universities placed comfortably in the top hundred institutions of the world, Hong Kong holds a firm position as an international education hub. Moreover, the fact that Hong Kong shares border with the most populated country of the world China means that it is quite convenient for Mainlanders to come to Hong Kong to pursue their higher studies.


It is believed that HK’s tourism industry still has some room for growth in future. Although it was believed that the densely populated area has an acute shortage of land, HK’s skyline is dotted with a lot of hotels which means that accommodation of overnight visitors isn’t a problem. The available opportunities combined with HK’s potential to accommodate internationals, a greater surge in HK’s tourism industry is expected to be seen very soon.


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