HKU Weekends

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  “What did you do in your weekend?” is a common start for a conversation. So after talking a lot about our weekends with my friends, I found that they can mainly be categorized into four styles.

  1. “owl” style

    1. This usually happens after a super busy week and fortunately you got 2 days for a short break (unfortunately without planning). During the daytime, you just want to have a “good” rest on your bed. But when your hunger finally forces you to get up and grab some food, you suddenly remember “Ohh I have assignments due tomorrow!” or “I promised to help her out this week GG”. No hurries buddy, you still have a wonderful night.


  1. “machine” style

    1. These people, they have a long To-do list and a tight schedule which ties all the items on the list together even without gaps. I once had this kind of weekend like this:

 Saturday 10am-1pm workshop

                  1 pm- 6 pm event host and helper

                  7pm-9pm Choir

                  830pm-0am Dance

And the next day still ran like this, from 9 am to 11 pm non-stop. After the weekend, my only thought left was: God let me go to lectures to have a break.


  1. “Sports” style

    1. Ask friends out to do some sports such as football, basketball will be beneficial to your health and friendship. Some will choose to go hiking, which is a pretty good idea because Hong Kong has a geographical advantage and the routines are usually beautiful and relaxing.

Some will be “forced” to go to field trips, which are assessed. But these are also great opportunities to explore somewhere you would never visit by yourself from a different/strange perspective. Just go and swallow the happiness and sorrow.

SharpPeak K and PE descent.JPG

  1. “lovely” style

    1. Weekends don’t have to be extreme or specially designed. Sometimes just finish the work you have to do and do other things randomly will also make a lovely weekend. Cook something healthy for yourself, read the book you’ve left halfway, walk around and see if there’s anything interesting etc., just do whatever you feel like doing. To be mentioned, there are always interesting shows and exhibitions popping up in Hong Kong, so it may also be a good idea to free yourself from the heavy workload for a while and just enjoy the show!  I always get something new when my friends share their weekends starting with “yesterday I came across…..”


 You may see YOU in almost all of these styles, actually there won’t be a fixed style of a weekend for anyone and you can always make your weekend enjoyable or meaningful by putting some thought into it. So…. What are you going to do next weekend?



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