I adjusted to HKU by…

March 26, 2015 / by / 0 Comment

…making friends for life.

There’s a Chinese saying that goes, “远亲不如近邻,” (yuan qin bu ru jin lin) which roughly translates into, “Close-by neighbours are better than faraway family.” This applies especially to those studying abroad. Never be overconfident thinking you can manage on your own without anyone’s help. Skyping your mom and crying over how sick you are will not make her appear at your dorm room door with steaming homemade porridge, she won’t be there to tuck you into bed (nor will your mom have your room key so you don’t lock yourself out…particularly for those living in the residential colleges).

In university, we make friends, because they’re all we’ve got for the next three or four years. They’ll be the ones to buy you porridge when you’re sick, the ones who’ll celebrate your birthday with you when the clock strikes midnight, and the ones your parents will call in the middle of the night when they can’t get a hold of you.

I, fortunately, didn’t have to brave HKU alone. I started freshman year with a lot of my high school friends and we adjusted to Hong Kong and university together. Though we’ve thoroughly adapted to life abroad now, they’ll always be my family away from family.

Feature image credits to Ming Xun