“At HKU, I became close with…” (My First 120 Days at HKU)

April 06, 2015 / by / 0 Comment

At HKU, I  actually became close with my own self. Do not get me wrong – I have made a multitude of friends here, and I could have orthodoxly talked about any one, and avoided the risk of sounding self-obsessed. However, by coming here to study, I managed to evade myself from a life where I was greatly reliant on others, so engrossed in being ‘inspired’ by others that I had lost track of my own individuality.

The past 120 days brought me close to my true self, giving enough time and opportunity to contemplate about myself. Living in a single room of the hall was not enjoyable at first. Most of my time was spent in seclusion. Ironically, though, I found the best company, of my inner voice, in this apparently unwanted loneliness. The poky, little room gave ample space to accommodate my own opinions and decisions.

These 120 days of complete independence gave me an insight in what I want for myself. Many claim that when loneliness creeps in, it cripples you. However, this loneliness helped me discover and embrace my true-self, and hauled me out from my charlatan-self, a veil I used to wear just to ‘blend in’ with others.

- By Faizi Saad Ali