I chose HKU because…. (My First 120 Days at HKU)

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I chose HKU because…

What “the fog of war” means is: war is so complex it’s beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend all the variables. Our judgment, our understanding, are not adequate.
-Robert McNamara, former U.S Secretary of Defense.

After the release of my HKDSE results, I had two options. The first was the business program at the HKUST. It had a reputation of being rigorous i.e. it had a huge workload. My second choice was HKU. Most of the people I asked kept saying the HKU business program was the worst out of the ‘big three’, yet I ended up choosing HKU. In retrospect it was because HKU shrouded itself in a feeling of superiority. When I went to the CityU interviews, the briefing session on how great their business program was lasted for 40 minutes, while the interview itself lasted for only 10 minutes. At HKU they didn’t give a damn, they expected you to beg them to join. I know a Non-JUPAS friend who got an invite to a HKU Law interview two whole months after CUHK gave him an offer. If someone had that big of an ego, you’d assume they’d have something to back it up.

I’d like to say that I chose HKU after analyzing all aspects of it’s program, but when every university promises to teach you ‘critical thinking skills’ and provide ‘numerous exchange opportunities’ (of course, subject to GPA), it gets very difficult to differentiate between them. There is a fog surrounding each university, and nobody seems to have a clear picture about them except from hearsay. When people talk about ‘resources’ in a university, what does that mean exactly? Did they get an impression of a universities ‘reputation’ from their mom or your local McDonalds HR department?

When I went to the HKUST Open Day, I thought ‘UST is the university for me!’. When I went to the CUHK one, I thought CUHK was the university for me. The HKU Open Day was last that year, so that’s probably why it left a lasting impression on me. So in reality, I chose HKU by instinct.

Of course, when you get into HKU, part of that fog dissipates, but what’s left is up to yourself.