I need a man who knows how to poach eggs

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What up, guys and dolls I hope you all are happy that Monday’s almost over! Yeeee It’s rough, awful, tiring, and irritating as usual, isn’t it, especially for those who had an alcoholic weekend? I, as a freelancer, have a very irregular working schedule and by that, I mean Monday actually is like Sunday to me. haha But please. don’t be jealous, cus that’s when I get to collect my data and post fresh bits up here.

I tend to have different weekly cravings whether you have noticed it or not; last week of course – as you can tell from the title – was Eggs Benedict, well, poached eggs to be more specific. I’m gonna jot down a list of my favorite food items first and see what happens. WATCH IT. Egg, (smoked) salmon, mustard, spinach, roasted garlic, grilled mushroom, baked beans, english muffin, cheese…etc. And if you combine all or any of the preferred items, there goes your own eggs benedict. The only non-changing and ever more crucial ingredients would be poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and English muffins.

I have tried three different “Eggs Benedict” and they all, except the one I made myself, were really satisfying/food-gasmic in different ways. * I hate to use the word foodgasm as it sounds really corny but when it comes to Eggs Benedict, when it ONLY comes to Eggs Benedict, I’m gonna let myself use this word cus it’s trite, yet true. *



The first Eggs Benedict I’m going to elaborate on is the one from “The Brunch Club” located in the middle of Soho on Peel Street. Toasted warm English muffins, smoked norwegian salmon, poached eggs(not too runny), hollandaise sauce and parsley paste on top, and perhaps a side of garden salad with balsamic dressings, a piece of hash brown, and baked beans. BOOM. And I also had a freshly squeezed, meaning that you can chew the pulps, orange juice cus I’m such a foodie; I know how to eat things. Didn’t I just make you hungry, eh? Many people don’t like poached eggs because they can’t eat runny egg yolk and at this point I should say something like I-kinda-understand-them-that-it-might-be-a-bit-repulsive but HELL NO. SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE WHO DON’T EAT POACHED EGGS. YOU ARE MISSING OUT THE BIG PORTION OF CAKE THAT LIFE GAVE YOU. Poached eggs and hollandaise sauce are a perfect match that the chef, whoever was the very first discoverer, came up with, and it’s even better if you have either salmon or bacon in the middle to perfect the dish. And The Brunch Club has succeeded in recreating the definition and very essence of classic Eggs Benedict. Well done.



The Second Eggs Benedict actually is called Eggs Champion at “The Flying Pan”, THE ONE AND ONLY 24hrs breakfast place in Hong Kong; it’s where everyone go for their drunk munch, hungover breakfast, lunch with girlfriends, casual dinner, midnight guilty pleasure and whatnot. If you haven’t been here yet, SHAME ON YOU. YOU ARE MISSING OUT THE BIG PORTION OF CAKE THAT LIFE GAVE YOU. I will later come back with complete details about this hip place since I’m only focusing on my love of Eggs Benedict this time. Last night after work I was so exhausted and hungry that I decided to go eat something before I go back home and finish the Youtube video I was watching earlier, “Russell Peters Best moments”. But I recently have registered at the fanciest gym in Hong Kong, PURE, and I didn’t want to have my inner demons coming out at the moment; then I chose to go eat Eggs Benedict. Ain’t it a compromising choice either money-wise or calorie-wise? Eh? Unlike The Brunch Club, The Flying Pan had around 12 menus only dedicated to Poached eggs on English muffin with Hollandaise sauce, each with different items such as salmon, spinach, bacon, mushroom, and ham, and I chose to have “Eggs Champion”, which comes with roasted mushroom and garlic. I actually ordered a small glass of orange juice (fyi, it’s really small) and two side dishes, a bowl of grits and baked beans, as a set meal. Ermagad, I friggin love grits!

Anyways, back to the point. When I had a fork-full of this gorgeous creature, I actually was a bit appalled for a while. The sauce, the hollandaise sauce from the flying pan surprised me, in a delightful way. While the one at the brunch club was a bit sour, more similar to mustard, the one at the flying pan was rather creamy and slightly sweet. I guess I’m more attracted to fatty food…? Oh well, screw my diet. To sum up my week of poached eggs, I have concluded one simple fact, that “I need a man who knows how to poach eggs”, and if I happen to find one, that’ll be a huge turn on. I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get him. I mean it.

Why don’t I learn to cook it myself? Well, if I could even poach eggs like a magic, I would be too perfect to be real. ;)