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[IBWSC13 Feature Stories] What are you doing now that you are here?

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Sebastian Linstrom, the chairman of an NGO Light For Children-Ghana, as well as an experienced traveler and film maker, addressed the students on Day 4 of the IB Conference at HKU. In his session, he shared stories on his passion and gave tips on storytelling and film-making.

“Telling a story is hard,” said Linstrom.

He then gave five volunteers each a picture to come up with a sensible story. The stories were told with a roomful of laughter, as students showcased their creativity with their narratives including plot-lines such as camels with a giraffe’s neck.

Despite the creativity, there was an underwhelming response when Linstrom asked if any of the students want to watch movies based off the aforementioned stories.

“Stories need tension and conflicts,” Linstrom explained. “That’s how you make them interesting. More than that, you have to be connected with the people. That’s the only way to make films and pictures in a natural way, without awkwardness.”

But the real question is, how does one go about forming such a connection?

Linstrom demonstrated by conducting  a pseudo-interview with a student. He asked 5 basic questions: “Who are you?”, “What took you so long?“, “What are you doing now that you are here?”, “ How will you feel when you get there?” If you could do it all over again, what would you change?”

These five questions basically summed up life.

“That’s how you fast forward connection when meeting new people, instead of asking the basic standard ones,” Linstorm said

“But what if everybody does that?” a student voiced.

“Yes, that’s right. When everybody wants to be special… nobody is. That’s how it is man” Linstrom answered simply.

But in movies and stories, as well in life, Linstorm believes one thing is key.

“Keep asking yourself those five questions, you may surprise yourselves by how different the answers could be as time goes by.”

Esther Yu, from JMSC, HKU