Indonesian Culture and Tourism Night – Part I

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Aiming to raise the awareness of Indonesia’ culture and tourism, Indonesian students in HKU for the first time held “Indonesian Culture and Tourism Night” on 19th April 2012 in Global Lounge. The event was met with great success, as remarked by the audience’s enthusiastic participation and response. Supported by Global Lounge and Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia in Hong Kong, this event was also sponsored by Garuda Indonesia for the door prize of a return ticket Hong Kong-Jakarta-Hong Kong!

The event started with the general facts about the unique geography, manifold languages and ethnically diverse people of Indonesia. The audience was then introduced to some of the best tourist destinations located all over Indonesia’s culturally exotic and yet mystifyingly beautiful islands geography. These are places which would surely cater to the curious travellers’ appetite of distinct cultures and diverse interests, ranging from scuba diving in the world renowned Bunaken, exploring the native habitat of legendary komodo dragons, to visiting the ancient temple of Borobudur, a Buddhist temple named as one of the Wonders of the World.

Especially for anyone consider visiting Indonesia, the MCs also thoughtfully presented fun facts about Indonesia, such as how the 5-legged-street-vendors sell some of the best foods, and even a few practical Indonesian phrases. (Tips: Aku cinta kamu literally means I love you in Indonesian!)

Delving further into Indonesia’s culture, the event moved on to express the largest archipelago by the senses of sight, hearing, scent, feel and taste. Here, the audience was presented a number of impressive performances. An external dancer performed a traditional Merak (Peacock) dance,

while HKU’s very own Indonesian students sang a medley of popular Indonesian songs and also performed songs on the Angklung musical instrument.

Angklung instrument consists of two bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame, which only produces sound of a particular pitch. This means several people are needed to play even just one song! After the Indonesian students Angklung performance, the audience was given a chance to try the instruments on their own!

Following the Angklung performance was Saman dance, also performed by HKU Indonesian students. Saman dance, also called the “Dance of Thousand Hands”, is one of the most popular dances in Indonesia. It reflects educational, religious, heroism, and solidarity among the people. In 2011, UNESCO recognized Saman Dance as an intangible element of the world cultural heritage. In the video (to be posted soon! take a look at the photos first now) below, you could tell the increasingly enthusiastic response from the audience as the Saman dance was reaching its peak!

(credit photos to: HKU students – Teh Ming Xun, Shirin Soni, Shiva Raichandani,and the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia – HKSAR)

to be continued…


Edward Setyadarma, BBA (A&F), Year 2