Indonesian Culture and Tourism Night – Part II

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After all the exciting performances, it’s now the audience’s turn to directly join in the fun. And what could be more exciting than joining Lomba Makan Kerupuk (Cracker Eating Competition), with the ultimate prize being a whole set of the critically acclaimed Indomie noodles? Lomba Makan Kerupuk is one of the most popular traditional games played to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day. In this game, players aim to be the first to finish their crackers (which are hung up at chin level on a string) before the rest of the players. The catch is, they have to do so using only their mouths – without their hands touching the crackers at all! This does mean that the taller players had a bit of advantage, but that didn’t take away any fun from this competition as you can see below:

After all the cheering and cracker speed-eating, it’s now the time that everyone’s been waiting for – Indonesian food tasting! But right before that, there was the ritual of cutting Nasi Tumpeng. Tumpeng is a feast that dated back to ancient Indonesian tradition, which revered mountain as the abode of ancestors and gods – hence, the cone-like shape. It was traditionally served as a form of thanksgiving for the abundance of harvest and other blessings. After prayer, the top of tumpeng would be cut and served to the most important person present in the ceremony. The tumpeng that night was gracefully cut by the Head of Chancery & Consul of  Consular Affairs, Mr Hari Budiarto, and served to Dr. H.J. Pam, a teaching professor in HKU from Indonesia.

Without much ado, everyone then started lining up for the two food stalls offering a variety of Indonesian food, snacks and drinks. This includes the juicy satay coupled with lontong sticky rice, all covered in the tasty peanut sauce; nasi kuning (literally means yellow rice), nicely combined with fried chicken; and crispy prawn crackers, among other things. Yummy!!

While the people were enjoying their food, the MCs reminded them to put in their food stamp cards into the ‘doorprize’ box. Remember the free return-ticket-to-Indonesia doorprize I mentioned earlier? That’s the one. Anticipation builds up! :D

After about half an hour into food tasting, the Indonesian students surprised the guests by yet another dance performance, Poco-poco. This is a very popular line dance from Indonesia, and as you can see here the students enjoyed themselves as they moved in and out of the lines rhythmically!

Finally, the event has come to the moment of truth – who will win the free ticket to Jakarta? Mr. Aprildo Z. Mewar, Vice Consul of Information and Socio-Cultural Affairs  had the privilege to draw the number for the lucky winner. The first few numbers won pretty decent prizes, but the ultimate winner proudly won the ticket with a big smile:

To wrap up the event, the organizers asked the audience to join in one last time for the Poco-poco dance. It seems that many of them had the knack for dancing as they followed pretty quickly – Right, right, left, left, back, back, forward…

That’s it for the first “Indonesia Culture and Tourism Night”, and we look forward to hosting an even bigger one next year!! Sampai jumpa!!


(credit photos to: HKU students – Teh Ming Xun, Emily Yang, Shirin Soni, Shiva Raichandani,and the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia – HKSAR)


Edward Setyadarma, BBA (A&F), Year 2