This Summer

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Hola people. How’s summer been so far? More importantly, HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING THE WORLD CUP?!?!

I haven’t. I have a whole new bedtime now that would put 10 year-olds to shame.

That sad fact aside, I’ve been up to some very interesting things the past few weeks which include:

getting a badass haircut that screams character,

Google image

going shopping (my wardrobe has never associated with the likes of “business attire” which was specifically stated in my internship offer),

Google image

getting the best tan ever during our Sport Climbing Club Outdoor Climbing Day,

Photo credits to Bill Yue of the HKUSU Sport Climbing Team

starting my internship at CLP,

going cycling in Shatin,

and last but not least, joining the Shun Hing College Dragon Boat Team!

Photo credits to Horatius, tutor of Shun Hing College

I’m the drummer and all the other teammates hate me because I stay dry and don’t have to paddle. They threw me into the sea after the race last Sunday.

Oh yes, summer has been fulfilling so far. So fulfilling I’ve barely had time for myself. At the same time, I crave company so much that I somehow come off as high or slightly drunk when hanging out with friends.

I originally had other plans for the summer. I was going to learn to dance (somewhere among the lines of Flamenco and legendary k-pop), complete a cross-stitch piece that’s two years overdue, go surfing in Hawaii, or maybe jungle-trekking in Zimbabwe, pick up a new hobby like juggling (I dunno, I’m just throwing ideas around) and just have a good time basically.

Turns out summer had plans of her own for me. I am secretly jealous of all my friends who are touring the world, on service trips up in some interesting mountain with wild boars as their staple diet, on work and travel programmes, or even back in home sweet home.  And I am stuck here in Hong Kong for an internship all the way until term begins in September.

At work, I’ve been given my very own cubicle with my own telephone and extension line (Yeaa, you can call my office!!), have a British team director who says, “Zou san!” when you say, “Good morning sir,” have had lunch at the Hong Kong Aviation Club,

bought safety boots

(you do not want to mug me when I’m wearing these babes, they come with steel toe caps and I know exactly where to land them),

managed to time myself so I am not a minute too late nor early for the bus, been wearing shoes which give you invisible blisters, and been dressing 10 years older than myself receiving a number of approving looks from older gentlemen as well as raised eyebrows from guys my age saying, “seriously lady, have you seen yourself today at all?”

I think it’s time to lose the flared slacks.

Internship is no piece of cake. For three weeks now, from 8.45am to 6pm on weekdays, I read, learn, interpret, plan, and more or less wring my brain dry with any juice it has left (even my laundry has never been this dry).

But fortunately for me, I have the best mentor ever. We’ll call him Mr. C. I’m worried for his reputation for picking me as his intern this year. I don’t know what he was thinking. But other than his judgement in interns, he’s cool. He asks for my opinions (he really needn’t bother), gives his advice (which I follow like destiny’s calling), has Buddha-like patience for slow-learners like me, insists that I call him by his first name (I still don’t feel very comfortable with this arrangement) and last but not least, has made sure that I have enough lunch buddies for when he’s away for business trips and can’t eat with me.

And Mr. C has basically made it his summer goal to turn me into a competent, confident, efficient, and knowledgeable young adult by the time I say bye to him in August. If I do all that he asks well, I’m gonna start third year with an encyclopedia in my brain on emission reduction techniques (right now it’s just full of dead flies and bits of fluff).

Yup, nooo pressure at all sir.

And I think it’s worth mentioning that the most heartwarming thing I’ve encountered since I started my internship is a note from the intern who was in my position this time last year.

Thanks Benton, your note made my day, and my summer.

To be honest, I was really bummed out before my internship began, and I still don’t fancy getting up at 6.30am every morning (I can’t even finish watching 6am Fifa matches!) to fight the morning traffic, nor logging onto Facebook just to be greeted with pictures of friends vacationing in Japan, Australia, New York, the Moon, you get the picture, but there’s a reason some majors require you to do an internship before you graduate. There are things that you just can’t learn in the lecture hall with 11am alarms, jeans and flip flops.

So I’m done pining for an entirely different summer and have decided to make the most out of the real deal and most of all, not let Mr. C down.

Now what was it about mercury emissions that he wanted me to read up on again?