Is it summer yet?

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While some of us dread about the arrival of summer, others can’t wait to embrace it with open arms. Such dilemma could be seen from the current trend– cut-offs & tights, brought in from the girls! Initially, I thought the outfit of pairing up shorts with black tights was just a way to conceal your legs in the cold weather while still being able to rock in their shorts. As the trend gets so seemingly overwhelmed, my summation of this trend would therefore goes beyond the practical side but how this wide-spanning street-style is even taking over the mannequins at high street.

Of course, this outfit is definitely inescapable in Hong Kong– especially in our campus!

This outfit is in fact very easy to throw on. Although it may not suit everyone, its one of the easiest way to achieve a rebel-chic look. It also goes along with many other tops– blouse for a girly touch, studded jersey top for hippie chic, navy blouse for a more polished look.

I’m sure you’ll be able to find black tights everywhere. If not causeway bay’s Jardines Bazaar is packed with cheap (but not so durable) tights. I would personally recommend the ones from Marks & Spencer which have good quality and lots of choices. When it comes to denim cutoffs, I’ll opt for American Apparel. But if they are too overpriced, there are some very nice ones from my recent love, Stylenanda, a Korea website filled with pretty models and cool outfits. Be sure to double check your measurements before getting stuff from their website though, because Koreans’ measurement is very different from the EU/i-only-look-for-S/M/L sizing. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it anyhow! Until then.


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