It’s all about Chilling

February 15, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Hello, everyone again! I spent another amazing night with my friends, and I felt a need to blog about my night.

Sometimes, well many times, Thursday is not always about Ladies night and getting drunk; it’s all about chilling. I do get sick of clubbing, drinking, loud music, and seeing drunk people on the street and last night was the kind of night that my friends and I just wanted to sit down and chill out for a while. So here I introduce you a place called, “Side Walk.”

Get off at Central where that fancy golden store of MCM is located, the entrance of  Lan Kwai Fong, and walk a little up. Go into the second alley on your right and the first Shisha place you’ll see is “Side Walk.” Because of the staffs touting on the street, your first impression of the place might be a little dodgy and sketchy, but they are just friendly people so don’t get scared. And, with your gorgeous smile, you can even bargain the price of the shisha (we also got $20 discount than the original price) which already is much cheaper than other places, and have some decent both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well.

All the shisha, with flavours ranging from Apple, Mint, and Peach to all sorts of fruits, you can easily spend couple of hours sweet-smoking for only $170. Drinks range from $35-68 so if you are there with let’s say 2 friends, you’ll only have to pay around $80 for both shisha, drink, and a place with music.

The nicest thing is that nobody will eye you or try to kick you out for as long as you stay. I went with my girls last night and you know how girls can talk for hours and hours once they get a click;) With drinks and Shisha in front, we talked for almost three hours but except coming to refill our drinks and change coals, all the staffs had no intention to empty the table or glaring us for paying the minimum charge yet having perhaps too much fun. By the way, my friends and I had Lime Mojito, and Rum and Coke, and shared peach Shisha.

Also, since it is located on the corner of the inner street, you can definitely avoid noises and the crowd. In the end, you need some chilling moment as well, right? Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not encouraging anyone to smoke or go crazy.

SO, hope you enjoyed my post and felt like checking out this place TONIGHT! haha

ps. Tonight I’m going to the Tallest and perhaps the coolest bar in Hong Kong again and I’m very looking forward to blow up all your minds with many more pictures this time so be ready for it! :) G’night everyone.