just salad for your just healthy body

February 26, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Hello all! all these parties, hangovers, take out foods, and late night snacks have been making myself exhausted all the time, especially this week cus my dear friend from Canada was visiting and oh well, I had to show him how I roll here, in HK style. haha, if you know what I mean. I do often go to gym but in many times it’s not enough and you always feel like something’s missing, probably a HEALING FOOD.

So while walking around Soho the other day, I found a decent, refreshing salad place that I was dying to share up here with hkudos family and readers.

It’s on Cochrane street, at the bottom of midlevels escalator. And as you walk in, piles of green and orange re-usable plastic bowls, arrays of greens, fish, meat, bread, fruits, nuts, and all different kinds of imaginable salad ingredients and dressings will fill your eyes. There set menus on the wall for  your choice of wraps and salads but they merely are suggestions and they tend to cost more($60-) in my experience, so I recommend you choosing your own ingredients as you like.

You feel so privileged to be able to mix whatever you want and turn them into YOUR OWN salad; I chose yellow pumpkin, grilled and raw salmons, crutons, cherry tomatoes and lettuce – which would never exist in normal salad restaurants – with blue cheese caedar dressing and I’m saying that they were just marvelous. And they will kindly put a slice of bread on your salad which actually balances out the nutrition and completes your salad meal. Mhmmmm

The best thing is, they mix them for you before they put them in a pretty bowl! I prefer mixed salad to salad boxes with dressings just sitting on them cus it’s hard to equally spread them on all the ingredients.

Just to clarify myself, I’m not a vegetarian; I’m the person who simply CANNOT live without grilled chicken, fish, and barbeques so don’t think of me as one of those skinny girls who worship greens, please:p So if I say, this salad is  marvelous, oh boy, this gotta be one hell of a delicious healthy meal. So hope you check it out and love it as I did, and bump into me carrying around a huge bowl of salad. Adios!