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Keep Calm & Enjoy Brunch

July 22, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

by: Meyi Dwicahyani (Design & Multimedia Manager of hKUDOS)

My British odyssey is not complete without brunch on the weekends. Buttery scones, flaky croissants, creamy eggs benedict and hot cocoa perfectly define brunch for me. A hybrid of breakfast and lunch, brunch is usually eaten from late morning to late afternoon. Brunch is the perfect meal for every university student on weekends, isn’t it?


Going back in history, the word “brunch” was invented in 1895 by an English writer, Guy Beringer. The inspiration behind his brilliant idea is the hangover. Yes, brunch was formulated to cure hangovers! “By eliminating the need to get up early on Sunday, brunch would make life brighter for Saturday night carousers,” he explained. The normal brunch ritual consists of sipping tea, coffee, juice or hot cocoa, before munching on sweet scrumptious pastries, and then segueing into heavier and meatier savory dishes.

eThe Brunch Selection & Dining Hall of King’s College, The University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is aware of this genius concept of “brunch”. The place where I am staying now for 2 months, King’s College, only serves breakfast (08:00-09:00) on the weekdays. But, it serves brunch from 11:00 to 13:30 every Saturday and Sunday! The brunch selection at King’s is wonderful, although it does get rather monotonous for my somewhat demanding and curious taste buds.

wThe Complete Sweet to Savoury Selections 

As a self-proclaimed food connoisseur, I didn’t limit myself to brunch at King’s. During my time here I have so far visited 3 fantastic eateries offering brunch selection in Cambridge (and 1 eatery offering only the sweet selections in Edinburgh). I also attended the “Afternoon Cream Teas” organized by the dear PAs of the Pembroke-King’s Programme (PKP) I am in.

My brunch experience here has so far been rewarding. Let these photos prove it to you!

1. Auntie’s Tea Shop (Cambridge) – a dainty teahouse that offers traditional English brunch

ad Enjoying brunch just before Tour de France 2014 [7th July 2014]

hhEveryone was really excited for Tour de France 2014! On the other hand, I was very excited to taste the famous Auntie’s scones. However, to my disappointment their scones were too crumbly and soft for my taste. But, many people actually do love this crumbly texture! It will depend on your preference. 

a3Full English Breakfast (£6.90) and Fruits & Wholewheat Scones (£5.95) served with Tea/Coffee

2. Bill’s (Cambridge) – a cozy, industrial designed restaurant with a wide brunch selection

bWe had Eggs Benedict (£7.35), Eggs Royal (£7.95), Bill’s Bread Basket served with Bill’s Jams & Marmalade (£3.95), Cumberland Sausage Sandwich (£4.65), Sicilian Lemon Drizzle Cake (£3.75) & Hot Chocolate (£2.35) [12th July 2014]

bbbWe are certainly guilty of ordering too much food for brunch! Overall, we really enjoy the food, especially the jams & marmalade. The lemon curd is simply fantastic, and the strawberry jam makes the perfect condiment for the Eggs Benedict & Royal – trust me!

3. The Orchard Tea Garden (Grantchester) – a great place to enjoy your brunch beneath the blossoming fruit trees

ccWe had the delicious Smoked Salmon Baguette with Cream Cheese (£6.95) & Coronation Chicken Sandwich (£5.95), which is my favourite. I love how they add bits of apricots and slivered almonds into the Chicken Sandwich. [19th July 2014]

c2Their scones (Fruits, Plain, Cheese – £2.50 each) are baked fresh every morning. They are the best scones I had in UK so far! Crisp on the outside, moist & tender on the inside.

4. Lovecrumbs (Edinburgh) – a lovely cake-house in the heart of Edinburgh

ddWhat’s yummier than a shoe cabinet? A Cake Cabinet.

dI  really wish I can try all of these cakes! I had the fig and chocolate cake (the second one from the top), which was moist and very chocolatey. [5th July 2014]

5.  PKP Presents: Afternoon Cream Tea at Thomas Grey Room, Pembroke College (Cambridge)
qwWe had sandwiches & scones in a beautiful room where Thomas Gray and William Pitt used to live. [20th July 2014]

ppIt was a wonderful afternoon tea to end the hectic week we had – despite the missing jam & clotted cream for the scones! 

6.  The Moat Tea Rooms (Canterbury) - a traditional English tearoom set in a classic 15th Century building

untitledCake displays are the best marketing tool (P.S. MCMXCVIII = 1998) [28th July 2014]

untitled1The Moat Tea Rooms stocks 39 different types of tea leaf & 15 types of coffee beans!

untitled2Brunch for 4: Chicken Omelette (£7.50), Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs on Toast (£7.50), Egg & Cress Sandwich (£5.50), Jacket Potato with Cheese (£5.75) – overall they were good! We especially enjoy the smoked salmon & scrambled eggs and egg sandwich. 

untitled3Special Cream Tea (£12.95) – sandwiches, 2 scones with jam & clotted Cream, a slice of homemade cake (we had the Coffee Walnut Cake that was moist but a bit too sweet) and a pot of tea (Blue Lady).

I promise you my brunch and tea experience will not end here. I will keep this blog entry updated.