L.I.N. – Métisse

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Métisse: (masculin Métis, adjectif/nom) Qui est issu de l’union de deux personnes d’origine ethnique différente.

Simply translated, multiracial.

Uniquely Me

…I am
a confusion of cultures.
Uniquely me.
I think this is good
because I can
the traveller, sojourner, foreigner,
the homesickness
that comes,
I think this is also bad
because I cannot be understood
by the person who has sown and grown in one place.
They know not the real meaning of homesickness
that hits me
now and then.
Sometimes I despair of
understanding them.
I am
an island
a United Nations.
Who can recognize either in me
but God?

by Alex Graham James

This episode’s playlist: Listening to International Noise:Métisse

  1. Afro Celt Sound System
  2. Alan Stivell and Youssou N’dour – France and Senegal
  3. Harry Manx – Canada
  4. Paul Simon – USA
  5. The Idan Raichel Project – Israel
  6. Karl Jenkins – Wales

Enjoy lovelies.