L.I.N. – Special: Open Mic

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One of my favourite HKU events has been open mic because they’re fun, full of energy and a great way to find out about your friends’ hidden talents. Since there’s one coming up, courtesy of Culture Shock!, I’ve rounded up a few of my friends and asked them to perform songs they’ve done for past open mics.

Rihanna medley by Krithika Chandra Mouli and Shi Yi Ng

Feeling Good by Nina Simone – cover by Aarushi Bahl

Baby by Justin Bieber – cover by Peter Park

Why do you like Open Mic with Krithika, Shi, Peter and Arijit.

Alexis, Amy and Hamza were regular open mic performers. They’re currently not in Hong Kong, but they’re still very much involved with music. Some of you might be able catch the Lin twins play and sing next year.