Little but Mighty

January 22, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

Hello dear readers, it will most likely be my VERY LAST Foodie post :’< and this really is sad cus there are a lot more amazing places that I haven’t introduced yet, not that I could write about all of them.

Anyways, since one of the key ideas that I focus on during my foodie journey is to keep it “cheap and cheerful”; a. I personally am not a big fan of fine dining, and b. I write about places that most people could afford to go every day.

Today, meet “Little Bao”(meaning ‘little bread’ in Chinese)




Located in one of my favorite parts of Soho, Staunton Street, Little Bao has such a hipster-like yet stylish interior with character neon signs and minty color scheme. Even though it’s a small place with just a few stools around the kitchen, people who visit here are open to just holding their little baos and hang around inside or outside on the street, which i guess is another merit of Little Bao. 





Little Bao has many different kinds of freshly cooked mini burgers and buns with Chicken, beef, and what not, but the most famous and popular one would be this golden crispy deep-fried bun with green tea ice cream and condensed milk. (Omg I’m salivating again :O)

Food? Definitely dope, I’m planning on trying all of them on the menu hehe

Price? of course it’s not that cheap regarding the fact that these in fact are quite little, at least to my fatty stomach but I say it’s worth it, since they are just simply SOOOO Delicious!

If you’d like a casual dinner and drinks out with your friends and dates, I recommend you go to Little Bao and have these pretty little yet mighty baos :)