Moroccan fever: Sahara

October 17, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

If you have stayed in HK for a while and if you know how to have fun, you should have at least heard of a place called “Sahara”. Located in the middle of Elgin Street, Soho, Sahara is a hip moroccan lounge, famous for it’s signature interior design and friendly atmosphere. After sunset, the place turns into a party scene with dimly lit candles, delicate lanterns, and exotic Arabic music with the sound of “clapping” (you’ll know what I mean ;) )

However, a lot of people – who tend to enjoy shisha and drinks – often forget to eat out at Sahara, or they don’t even acknowledge the fact that Sahara actually serves quality food till late night. As a foodie, I was pretty confident that I have eaten quite a lot of exotic yet palate-pleasing food in Hong Kong but I may have over-estimated myself; authentic and delicious middle eastern meal at Sahara was sensational and appealing.

A group of my friends and I ordred Lamb Tagine, Chicken Tagine, Cous Cous, and Egyptian Platter with a bottle of Spanish red wine, “Senorio de unucela crianza”, which I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with. It indeed was one of the best red wines I’ve ever had in my life.

996935_627642763954613_1444108413_nEGYPTIAN PLATTER  (Apologies for the quality of the pic I got off of Facebook)

A huge platter lets you taste you a bit of almost everything; it is consisted of 8 small bowls of goat cheese, olives, chicken, sea bass, moroccan sausage, prawns, hummus, and zaluk, egg plant-based egyptian dip. And it comes with a basket of warm pita bread. Even though it is under Appetizer, it’s big portion size and variety is enough to fill and satisfy your stomach.


“Boiling hot Lamb Tagine is served in a delicate and exotic china; a soulful mix of a variety of vegetables, and tender ever lamb meat are harmoniously cooked in spicy and sour soup base, giving off pleasant aroma and flavour. After a long tiring day, we all need a spoonful of this perfect comfort food.”

We could perhaps say that it is a combination of curry and stew in a way but the sauce/soup is thicker, and more spicy. One thing I find unique and interesting is that it has olives and prune(dried plum) inside. My initial reaction after a spoonful was “Mmmm?” (wide-eyed), yet it was a pleasant “Mmmm”. There’s a subtle difference. haha ; but you better have a plate of cous cous or pita bread to eat with, which is the reason why we ordered and shared.

Overall, Sahara is a MUST-VISIT because it has

- BIG Portion size (We still had a lot of leftover while each and every one of us was in serious food coma.)

- Moody, Cozy, and Comfy ambience

- Nice service

- Quality Food and Drinks

Definitely worth the price. It was such a lovely and satisfactory meal in a long time and accompanied with fruity, oaky, and smooth red wine, world seemed like a perfect place for a while.

Sahara has been my comfort zone, and I’m sure it will be yours as well :) I can’t wait till my next visit.