Morrison Academy’s Pipe Band Live in HKU

April 06, 2012 / by / 0 Comment

On May 30th (Friday), the Pipe Band from Morrison Academy, Scotland was here in Hong Kong and our university had the pleasure  of seeing them live in action around the Lily Pond and Shaw Podium area at around 1.30pm. Altogether there are thirty pipe band members involved in this event.

The Morrison’s Academy Pipe Band was formed in 1921 when a group of interested enthusiasts in the School’s Officer Cadet Unit decided that the time was right for Morrison’s to have such an asset. Now, almost 90 years later, the Band is thriving and, with over 50 members aged between 8 and 18, it is a very popular part of life at Morrison’s Academy.

If you missed the on day performance, here’s some link of their performances on youtube: