Must Visit : Hong Kong Temples

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Hong Kong is inherently Chinese in almost every way. Be it food, language, culture and religion. While you’re in Hong Kong, one of the things you must experience, is walking through the temples of Hong Kong. From what I’ve read before, Hong Kong is well known for some its temples, monuments, and nunneries. So I headed out to visit some of these famous Buddhist and Taoist places of worship.

The Giant Buddha on Lantau Island

This Giant Buddha is a long way up Lantau Island. Along the way, you may sit on the Ngong Ping 360 cable car. It has got one of the best views of the island, as the floor of the cable car is transparent! If you’re afraid of heights, you might not enjoy it, but if you’re not afraid of heights, you gotta try it!

Once you’ve climbed the magnificent staircase (shown in this picture), you’ll see another spectacular view of Lantau. If you’re a big fan of the late Anita Mui, there’s a guestbook up there somewhere where you can write your well wishes for the legendary “Madonna of Asia”.

Chi Lin Nunnery near Diamond Hill MTR Station

The Chi Ling Nunnery is another beautiful place that you must see. The nunnery has this gigantic garden around it that appears separate from the nunnery, yet is also part of it. The best time to visit, is probably now, since it is spring and all the flowers will be blooming! It is really beautiful, seriously!

Wong Tai Sin Temple, right outside the Wong Tai Sin MTR Station

Now, Wong Tai Sin temple is well known for divination if I’m not mistaken. There’s a place where many people, every day, will kneel down in front of an altar as they shake this open container of bamboo sticks. Each of these sticks have a number on it. People will usually ask the Wong Tai Sin deity a question, and shake the container until a numbered stick drops out. The number on it, is apparently, the answer to your question. Once you leave the temple, you may find a row of stalls where elderly folks offer to translate that number for you for a small fee.

Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan

Man Mo Temple is no less popular than the other temples I’ve just mentioned. This temple, when I visited it, had a supremely long queue of people! To be fair, I visited in the middle of Chinese New Year and the folks were probably all lining up to pray for a good year ahead. Anyway, as I mentioned, I had to queue up to get in. When I got in, I had the idea that maybe this was maybe a temple where people prayed for prosperity or something but when I wikipedia-ed it, I found that actually, the temple is the place of worship for the deity of literature Man Tai and also, the martial deity Kwan Tai.

Anyway, there are still a large number of temples in Hong Kong that I’ve not visited yet. Perhaps in the future, I’ll cover the others! :-) For now, that’s it!

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