ni hao!

March 21, 2012 / by / 2 Comments

Hello all,

let me start the first post of this new blog to give you guys some information about who I am.

 My name is Chloe Kim.  Can you guess my nationality from my surname?  Yes, I’m Korean.  My REAL name, suppose the name that appears on my passport, is Heehyen Kim or 金希炫 in Chinese characters.  For some people wondering why I use Chinese character when I’m Korean, Koreans usually use combination of Chinese characters for their names.  My grandpa came up with my name which uses Chinese characters meaning hope and shine.  I guess my grandpa wanted me to be hope and shine of the world maybe…?  It’s a meaningful name but the problem is not many people are able to pronounce my name in a right way… so in HKU, I use my English name Chloe instead.  If you can call me by my Korean name, that’ll be great too.

I’m a year two full-time student majoring in biotechnology.  I came to Hong Kong in august 2010 so… I’ve been in Hong Kong for around one and a half year.  Half way done with my degree here, but my Chinese is still very limited…L  Hopefully my Mandarin will get better after I take Chinese language courses in China this coming summer!  Many people ask me why I chose Hong Kong for my college studies.  Well… my answers are different from time to time but one of my answers will be my interest in Chinese language and culture. 

During my spare time, I like to walk around different places with my camera.  I often go to central and start walk back to Kennedy town.  Each time I take small roads that I’ve never took before.  Instead of wide and crowed main roads, the small roads offer different beauties of Hong Kong.  I encounter small temples, kittens, flower shops, art galleries that are interesting to visit.  Because I walk around without plans, I do sometimes lose my direction.  But as you know, Hong Kong is a small city…wherever you are you can take a cab back homeJ 

So, that’s all I want to say for now.  I’m really excited to share my thoughts/experience in Hong Kong with all of you.  Look forward to next posts from me!