One Man Lord of the Rings

One Man Lord of the Rings

October 16, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

I’m sure everyone knows about the Lord of the Rings trilogy – if you haven’t seen the movies, you’ve probably read the books. If you’ve done neither, I suppose you must have heard of its name somewhere.

Even without knowing precisely what Lord of the Rings is about, you would expect that a fantasy trilogy such as this would have wizards, dwarves, magic, and probably some Dark Lord who will feature as the evil force throughout the series.

This being said, it would seem implausible that something such as “One Man Lord of the Rings” can ever exist. One Man Lord of the Rings is a standup comedy show produced by one man, Charlie Ross, all by himself. It is a retelling of the three instalments in the trilogy by himself on stage, without the use of props and with minimal use of lighting.

Charlie Ross visited Hong Kong just a few weeks ago and delivered his famous One Man Lord of the Rings performance at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. As a member of the audience, I was stunned by his ability to imitate voices of different characters (from Frodo to Bilbo to Gollum) and his knack for creating the appropriate atmosphere just with his voice and body movements. The stage was empty save for himself and a Watsons water bottle somewhere behind the curtains. I was also astonished that he could go on for nearly two hours with only a few minutes’ break in between each instalment – if I had to do what he did, I would undoubtedly lose my voice after 15 minutes into the show.

The brilliance of his show lay not only in how original the act was, it was the way he reproduced the entire trilogy with the sheer power of himself on his own. From writing to costumes to stage management, he was the mastermind behind it all and for that I already felt amazed at what he was able to do in a stage production like this. Not to mention his jokes and the humour he injects into his dialogue as he mimics the characters of the original series.

When asked about how this all began, Mr Ross said that he began doing this years ago, and he does a One Man Star Wars as well. He also commented that he found the two stories (Star Wars and Lord of the Rings) similar in a lot of ways, and that he had no plans to do a One Man Twilight Saga (much to the relief of the audience).

Overall it was a great experience and it would be wonderful if more original shows such as this could be featured in Hong Kong theatres.