IBWSC13 Day1 GAT meeting by Donald Chan

[IBWSC13 Feature Stories] Online or Offline?

August 13, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Like it or not, smart phones dominate our lives. Mr. Donald Chan,  the Vice President of Business Development  from  Cherrypicks, a cooperate specializing in Smart Phone app development with award-winning innovations, took the opportunity to address this new wave of possibilities to students attending the IB conference at HKU.

The new age of technology as such has created a new marketing strategy and commercial opportunities. In his talk, Chan described how Cherrypicks used that as an advantage to develop apps blending with new technology to shape future shopping behavior.

Shopping with “user experience” is now the trend, Chan said.  He used the app iButterfly as an example. The app mixes entertainment and advertising and has been proven a huge success in over 12 countries.  He also talked about lesser-known apps such as Town Check and Touch Code.

“So it is a whole new way of competition in the market,” Chan said.  “it is no longer limited to just a spacious competition.”

Of course, the measure of success can be dubious.  A student asked if businesses would cheat by hiring people solely to download their apps in boosting sales,. Chan’s reply was simple:  “Yes, they do, but everyone can do that. That’s a fair game, is it?”

Overall, students were impressed at the number of ways shopping and technology can be merged.

“I found it really cool that you can use technology and apps in such a positive way,” said Aakash, a participant of the conference. “I enjoy it so much.”

Esther Yu, from JMSC, HKU