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Playlist July; No Hablo Ingles… Non-English Songs Month

July 04, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

This July, fresh from the result announcement in 29th (Your correspondent has been ordered to reflect deeply by his parents), HKU-ers are now in the middle of summer break. Whether you are battling a ferocious lioness as a part time job, or building your 69th house with a single hammer in middle of a sinking pacific island as volunteer work or sweating profoundly cause you have accidentally wiped clean the company’s hard drive you are interning in, what you need is music and this month’s focus is a trip away from the norm as we look at non-english songs for your entertainment.


1. LUNA: Free Somebody

K-Pop group F(x)’s main vocalist, LUNA, has been more active than usual, coming hard to the morbidly colourful Korean music scene with a trance-like house beat that echoes the group’s last year title track “4 Walls”. “Free Somebody” literarily lives up to its name with the anthem-like shouts of “Free Somebody”. With a strong vocal delivery and a killer choreography “Free Somebody” sounds like something cooked up in a gritty yet tantalising grim club in UK than a sugar factory music K-Pop is often infamously known for. If you like your music bursting with raw vocals and pumping with blood-rushing flawless production then “Free Somebody” better be on your playlist.


2. Emilie Simon: Paris J’ai Pris Perpete

French chanteuse Emilie Simon is known for her electronic alternative sounds but her latest album Mue features her turning more into pop music with delightful results, and Paris J’ai Pris Perpete is such a prime example. A soft power ballad talking about her love for the “eternal city” of Paris, the song serves a gentle reminder that English radio is not everything out there with its impeccable vocals laced under a beautiful production gently projecting a delightful melody. After an hectic day, an audio trip to Paris might calm your worn-out self.


3. Shiina Ringo: Gamble

How do you define a genius in a genre as manufactured and commercialised as J-Pop? Shiina Ringo is an one woman show that showcases a different side to the industry as an embodiment of creative side of the industry, writing and performing songs in ways that bring instant bravados. Gamble is probably the closest musical definition of her; a chimera of various genres all fusing together in bizarre ways as horns burst out traditional Japanese tune with accompanying jazz strings tuning to a rolling vocal that sings out a beautiful poem:

When I see the eyes of a tamed cat

Should I cry?

Should I do something?

Where is the person I must love?


4. Seong-Jin Cho: Chopin’s Polonaise in A Flat Major

Seong-Jin Cho bursted into the classical music scene last year when he was named the winner of the prestigious  2015 17th International Chopin Piano Competition. His playing is exquisite with a religion-like devotion to details that follow Chopin’s original footnotes and styles. A pianist to watch out for, this summer’s playlist may seem more complete with a little classical music.