Relax and Recharge

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Term paper questions, exam schedules, and midterm results are out – and you should be too. We made it to April, the last full month before reading week and finals begin. We will soon close another chapter of our university life and explore during summer once again. However, before exciting adventures commence, let’s finish this semester strong. As university students, sometimes life can get pretty busy. Actually, I’ll take that back and say our lives are always busy. We all have 24 hours a day so let’s take some time for ourselves. Whatever activity you may take on, do it for yourself. The sense of achievement and fulfilment will be much more memorable than the feeling of getting midterm grades back. Your computer isn’t the only thing that needs to reboot, so here’s some ways on how:

  1. 1. Exercise


Instead of running away from your responsibilities, run towards your goals. I recently finished my first 10K in Nike Women’s 10K on April 2, 2016 at the Hong Kong Science Park – I’ve never believed in myself so hard for a straight hour and fifteen minutes. What makes exercising so beneficial is that exercise reduces cholesterol, blood pressure and body weight. As Dr. Richard Sloan, a professor of behavioral medicine at Columbia University, puts it: “The heart is happiest when it dances.”

Luckily, you can easily get moving in and around HKU. Hit up the IHP gyms at either Centennial Campus (3rd Floor) or Flora Ho Sports Centre. Gym isn’t your thing? Try hiking to the Peak, Dragon’s Back trail or venture in one of HK’s many trails at here. Still feeling lazy to get out of your seat? Check out Nike Running ClubDance Trinity Classes (students get a special price!), or DEF Boxing (take advantage of student prices while you still can). Your body’s endorphins are waiting for you to release them!

  1. 2. Date with Yourself

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Yes, that’s right – go on a date by yourself. That’s one person who you’ll know for sure won’t reject you from going on a date. Find a restaurant that has a dessert you’ve been craving for weeks and go for it. Nothing’s sweeter than you treating yourself for all the hard work you have put through yourself this semester. For ideas of good food, check out @top_hongkong_restaurants on Instagram.

  1. 3. Skype the Family (Bonus points: your mom would love you more)

When’s the last time you Skyped your family? Do keep in mind that family is a core component for each of us so set aside an hour or two to feel back at home.

  1. 4. Chill with Friends


What else are friends for? After a long week of endless deadlines, nothing beats quality time with friends that mean a lot to you. It’s pretty amazing how the friends we make at HKU are going to be lifelong friends since we grow, learn and experience life together.

While university life takes us by storm, do remember to unwind, relax and recharge. I really am grateful to have a variety of activities at my fingertips in and around HKU and I hope you do too!