residential college: a guide_19/03/2017

Residential College: A Guide

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Residential College: A Guide

residential college: a guide_19/03/2017

Before coming to HKU, I remembered feeling confused at the selection of seemingly similar options of university housing. To me, Swire Hall and Ricci Hall were essentially the same apart from the proximity to the main campus as kindly described in CEDARS webpage. But when my eyes peered at the words “Residential Colleges”, I was left with more fluster because I was thinking, “why is there a college in a residential area? Does this mean I ought to take up more studying to stay there?” Ergo stay away from that choice I did*. And was I wrong because two years later when I was accepted into Lap Chee College, it turned out to be one of the most culturally enriching and fulfilling learning experiences for me here in HKU.

Located in Lung Wah Street, Kennedy Town (about 15 minutes from the main campus), the Residential College – with official name The Jockey Club Student Village III (JCSVIII) – was established to meet the increasing demand for student housing in HKU. Like most traditional halls, JCSVIII strictly follow HKU rules and traditions, notably the fancy High Table Dinner (HTD). When other halls have their HTD in the ‘borrowed’ Loke Yew Hall or Swire Canteen, our HTD is conveniently located at our very own grand College Hall, where students can freely dine and wine (maybe whine too at the long speech given) while draping the iconic green gowns. But what sets JCSVIII apart from other traditional halls is the well-balanced mix of both local and international students occupying colleges each embodying its own unique identity and values: Shun Hing College, Chi Sun College, Lap Chee College, New College.

Shun Hing College  

Shun Hing is perfect for the artistically and musically inclined soul. From the college’s own choir group Schola Cantorum to the annual International Music Festival, Shun Hing provides a platform for students to develop and showcase their musical talents. Fret not for those who are not so musically gifted; Shun Hing’s values hinge on students’ cultural and intellectual exchange, fostering community engagement within and without the college. A-Salon series, aimed at enhancing discussion on economic, social, cultural integration among students, in addition to various interest groups and community involvement programs are perfect for those who are seeking opportunities to meet people with similar interests.

Insider’s tip: Only in Shun Hing you can enjoy a chill evening of good wine and quality company just before stepping into the College Hall for HTD.

Chi Sun College

Chi Sun College embraces the value of community living; students are immediately greeted with a newly-renovated lobby – completely refurbished with numerous board games in store – with large communal space, facilitating exchange of ideas (and banter). With community living core to the college’s theme, Chi Sun’s programs and groups are catered to developing students’ talents and students’ engagement with the community they are in. From The Startup Mentality talk with an external successful startup founder, to Anime Avatar Workshop, these programs provide students with valuable insights and relevant skills to empower themselves.

Insider’s tip: Once in awhile, you get to be spoilt by a live performance from the college’s own acapella group or band at the college lobby. Bring yourself a beer and some snacks, and you’ll be set!

Lap Chee College

Step into the lobby and you’ll know right away that Lap Chee proudly embraces both cultural diversity and identity of their students. With facilities like a tea-drinking room (read: a mini library and museum for those who are really into Chinese history) and one of the most diverse groups of tutors, the life in Lap Chee College is rich with integration and collaboration of people with different backgrounds. The College had recently produced Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues at Lap Chee Studio with a cast ensemble of talented actors from all four colleges. In addition, programs such as Woodcarving Workshops, and Watercolor Painting Workshops allow students to pick up new skills and develop their interests in respective cultures.

Insider’s tip: Lap Chee has the best dance studio and music room, hands down. I am not even biased.

New College

The only college to not adopt its name from an affiliated person. Nevertheless the name resonates well with the values of sustainable and environmental living the college embraces. The college’s own sustainable initiatives – composting, eco-farm, eco-garden to name a few – aim to impart necessary knowledge and skills to nurture the nature (all pun intended). Such activities and programs give students not only the opportunity to take a break from their hectic academic lives, but also a collaborative platform to mingle and foster relations.

Insider’s tip: Do you know that you can easily get an extra serving in HTD? McDonalds supper be gone!

*Writer’s disclaimer: be confused all you are but do not ever put “no preference” under the selection or you would be allocated into a random off-campus housing.


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