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Sick of SOHO much?

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Hello Ya’ll, it’s your girl around the  block, Stella :)

I’ve been busy for a while but now I’m finally sitting down in front of my laptop, thrilled to share my alcoholism and where I’ve been going out every weekend.

First, let’s begin with #Confessiontime. I LOVE SOHO. YES, I REALLY DO. It’s basically where I work, live, eat, drink, and hang out. But now that it’s already been 1 year ever since I came to Hong Kong and loved SOHO much, I can say – without exaggeration – that I’ve been to almost all the bars and befriended with people at my favorite places as well. And when the weekend approaches I wonder, “Hmm…where shall I go tonight? What’s new in town?” but I will end up going to shisha, or for a drink, just to spend same old nights.

But I found quite THE place in the corner of SOHO a while ago and I chose to write about this place cus it definitely deserves my and your attention! Be prepared; it’s gonna be a lengthy one.DSCF0792


A small yet cozy bar on 56 Staunton street I absolutely love is, SASHAY, just few steps away from La Marmite and ANNAPURNA. I would say it’s a perfect place to avoid the crowd and to chill either on your own or with your mates. I’ve figured out that a lot of customers here are the regular visitors – since I bumped into same people many times haha – and I believe that it’s a proof that this bar has something special, something in particular that makes people come back.


1. Numerous kinds of imported beers and English Ales (rarely found in any other bars) DSCF0799

: As you walk in, you’ll see bottles of Cooper’s, Little Creatures, Green Goblin, Proper Job, Smugglers, and many more. AND, those lovely unique beers are even cheap ($50 per bottle on average) and as you can see from the picture, SASHAY always have a promotion on different bottles of beers, usually small bottle of TsingTao and Cooper’s Clear. Guys love beers especially British people and I’m guessing that this is why SASHAY is full of those cute Brits. :P OH! SASHAY also has Draught Magners, which is one of my favorites! Magners is a gorgeous Irish Cider and if you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out big time so go to SASHAY, and get a glass.


2. UNBELIEVABLY generous Happy hours


At SASHAY, you’ll get to experience Happy hours that you’ve never had in your life. (Sorry maybe that was too much haha) You will get to have two glasses of red/white/sparkling wines – including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Prosecco with strawberries and more – for only $64, a glass of Draught K1664 for $38, and any standard house poor such as rum, tequila, vodka, and whisky for $42 only. It’s like SASHAY wants you to get drunk and whenever I went, I always ended up getting there…



See those tall bottles filled with olives, chips, and nuts and freshly cut celeries and carrots? It’s a free flow snack bar located right next to the entrance. We all love to nibble on while drinking and again, SASHAY read people’s mind :) In fact, they do serve quality food and drinks everyday: Potato wedges, Samosas, Buffalo wings, Nacho cheese, etc. and Sandwiches and even brunch menus till early afternoon.

There are many more attracting bits like friendly staffs ever but for now I will let you discover them yourself .

I will come back with some more refreshing stories next time and till then, enjoy the rain!