Singapore in January

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While it was cold and freezing in Hong Kong, further south from our city was another cosmopolitan city, but sweltering in summer heat – Singapore.

My last visit to Singapore was nearly half a year ago. But this time was no different – once I stepped out of the airport, I felt the heat, and relief washed over me because I had missed summer. A lot. Especially when I started having to turn on my heater in the room to keep myself cozy and warm since the weather turned cold.

I was visiting Singapore again because I had joined the Asian Law Students’ Association Conference and was part of the HK delegation along with other law students from HKU, CUHK and CityU. Students from all over Asia-Pacific, including China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Laos, Malaysia, Australia…etc. attended the event.

My visit this time was very enjoyable. Aside from the academic exchange I had with law students from different countries, I also got to know a lot more about Singapore and its universities – National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University. Their campuses are very nice; NUS has a lot of greenery and is very big, while SMU is quite modern and very pleasant. My caretakers did their jobs very well and introduced to us many things, like the Kaya toast breakfast, Clarke Quay (a place similar to SOHO/LKF in HK), and Orchard Road (shopping paradise!).


After five days’ of the conference, some of us returned to HK while some of us stayed, or traveled to other nearby places, such as Malaysia. We on the other hand went to Sentosa Island, the resort island of Singapore, located just minutes away from the city.

Sentosa is simply gorgeous. The beaches, the water, the palm trees, and the peacocks walking around in broad daylight around the hotel – I love them all so much. We stayed at The Sentosa Resort & Spa, which was extremely chill, with many peacocks strutting around especially in the pool area. The restaurants were excellent, with a view over some of the ponds in the resort with colourful fish swimming in them.

2014-01-09 17.06.21


I did went to the spa at the hotel. It was marvellous. I felt almost reborn after my spa session; the lady who did my massage was very skilled indeed. Before the spa I had the choice to sink myself into a jacuzzi (with hot water) or a mud pool; after the spa she gave me an apple and some hot jasmine tea to drink.

A short walk later we went to have dinner at one of the restaurants at the hotel. It was like a dream holiday. The hotel room itself was very big, with a bed so huge I suppose five people could have slept in it and still found it comfortable.

The next day the real fun began. We travelled around the small island; for its small size, it was quite surprising to us to find that it contained many different facilities. We first visited the aquarium near Universal Studios Singapore. It was fascinating to see so many species of sea creatures there.

2014-01-09 12.56.08

After lunch, we went to Megazip Adventure Park to have a go on the Megazip, the Parajump and ClimbMax.

The MegaZip

We were attached to a safety cable. Then we swung from a mountain to the beach opposite this side of the island, so that we literally flew over the canopy of trees and vegetation on our side. Amazing view, and amazing experience, with the feeling of flying through the air like Tarzan, or someone who’s free to roam in the wild minus the bad things about it (i.e. insects, lack of hygience etc.)



We had to tackle various obstacles, which were designed and separated into three floors. We walked on cables, sat on tires and swung to the other side in the air, and climbed ropes tangled together in the shape of spider webs.

2014-01-09 15.40.21


Akin to bungee jumping, except that you don’t bounce back up and you only jump off the second storey to the ground. Fun nevertheless, and nerve wrecking for some.

After all this fun we went to watch the Song of the Sea, a musical-lights-effects show on a beach. Spectacular.

The next day we went to iFly Singapore to experience indoor sky-diving. It was very different from what I had previously imagined. Once I entered the tunnel, I began to float against extremely strong gusts of wind blowing against my entire body. But I couldn’t really control myself and fell a few times on the ground, only to float back up and hit the glass in weird and estranged angles.

2014-01-10 10.14.59

Before leaving Sentosa we played the Luge (driving along the tracks in a tiny car-like vehicle) and had lunch at a beach, watching other holiday-goers sunbathing.

Then we returned to HK, missing Singapore, especially the friends we made there.