Generation Idiot: Us

August 15, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

My computer recently went on strike. Oh the horror. I’ll bet it’s the kind of memory Dementors would choose to relive in many of us.

And I, always confident, was stupid enough to think I was smart enough to deal with this seemingly minor problem. But of course, all I did was nearly go The Hulk on it when I thankfully came to my senses and decided to leave it to the professionals.

So I endured a near-techless fortnight which has been the greatest torture in… as long as I can remember. I actually seriously considered working overtime because there was nothing for me to do when I got back. I felt like crying on Sundays when the library would be closed and there were very limited computers available and those seats were usually taken up by people who’d brought THEIR OWN LAPTOPS. Screw you inconsiderate people.

People told me to use my phone. I’m sorry, I’m just not one of those people who can squint at a minuscule screen for over 15 minutes.

This terrible ordeal got me thinking about how inseparable we are from technology today. How many hours do you spend with your eyes glued to a screen, big or small every day? Yea, it’d probably be quicker to count the hours our attention ISN’T online.

Our world has shifted into an era where technology is now part and parcel of our lives. According to BBC news, the Britons spend more time on tech than sleeping. I’d say that’s an understatement for where I’m from.

It wouldn’t be at all surprising if the only times people are detached from all kinds of technology devices would be when they go to sleep. Oh I’m sorry, were you going to say mealtimes as well? I have lost count of the times a group of friends have sat down for a meal and ended up looking through their phones whilst absent-mindedly stuffing their faces. If you’re that kind of person, don’t bother asking me if I want to grab lunch. I’d rather eat alone.

Now who’s on digital media?

Let’s see.

The young.

The elderly.

The parents.

The sharers.

The teachers.

If none of the above applies to you, scroll on.

The waiting.


The resting.

The sleeping.

The walking.

The eating.


The law-abiding.

The standing.

And of course, those of us who have



  To Do.

It is us and the digital world. It is now a common skill to walk in the busy streets of Hong Kong with both eyes on a smartphone/tablet/kindle. A maneuvering ability that is a result of… evolution?

Puh-lease. We have merely become a generation of dumb people who cannot socialize without a screen.

Let me tell you what technology has done to me.

Long gone are the days when I sat down and wrote with a pencil in my hand. High school exams used to have me writing till my fingers got cramps. A pen now feels like a childhood friend I forgot I had.

I was actually surprised when a friend took out a piece of paper and a pencilbox telling me she had homework. I genuinely thought she was kidding.

I have yet the need to visit a stationery shop in Hong Kong the two years I’ve been here.

My fluency of speech is deteriorating drastically because everything I say can be re-read and edited before publishing.

I habitually touch every screen I come in contact with. I got confused when a friend’s Macbook didn’t do anything after I touched the monitor. Ok abit dumb I’ll admit, but I’m sure I’m not alone.

Any of the below look familiar?

Google image

Now why would I want to talk to you who’s standing right in front of me when this list is endless?

People say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Then a video would be a whole new vocabulary by itself. Not too long ago, a friend shared this clip on Facebook (the irony) and I think it gives all of us tech-slaves something to think about,



And now the real thing.

For you, the dumb dumb with the smart phone.