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Excuse the overwhelming laziness of this post; I’m feeling a little too brain dead from all the essays this week, and can summon no energy to either come up with new ideas for blogs or work on the existing ones. Simply put, my stream of word power has completely run dry. As such, I shall resort to a good ol’ fashioned blog on what I’ve spent the last week doing.

My Favourite Drama Queens (and Kings)

Last Friday night the Shaxbies Theatre Group put on the Bard’s Twelve Night, and although I was in no way involved in the production (maybe aside from contributing to a substantial amount of the screaming and cheering at the curtain call), it was an oddly sentimental moment for me. These guys were really good, especially the regally hilarious Olivia, the musically-gifted jester, and Viola/Cesario, who glides through the back-and-forth gender changes effortlessly. It brought me back to my time on the stage – I played Polonius/Polonia in Hamlet, and while I really wasn’t that good (this isn’t even me being humble or self-deprecating; there’s a reason why I went from being in shows to writing about them), it was still one of my best experiences at uni. These peeps were my support group throughout the whole of Year One, and it’s hard to put into words the shenanigans we’re up to when we’re together. We are very gifted at the Art of Spontaneously Bursting Into Song and Getting Passersby to Hate You, and we also throw the best birthday surprises – on one occasion we’ve written a rap song for one of our birthday girls and serenaded her with it, and on another we took turns roleplaying the birthday boy’s favourite female stars at a karaoke session. Anyhow, it’s amazing to see the group grow from this


To this


In a short span of two years. Keep on rocking, guys!

The BALLB family


On Tuesday my classmates and I had our last class together, and to commemorate the occasion we fished our musty secondary school uniforms out of the closet and took a picture together. The first group of guinea pigs tasked to test the waters of the inaugural literature and law double degree programme, we’ve grown very close and I’m immensely grateful that these folks are the ones to accompany me down the road. I’ve been plagued with myths about how people in uni are ‘fake’ or ‘opportunistic’, particularly in a degree as competitive as law, but upon meeting them all my fears evaporated – everyone has such big hearts and even bigger dreams, and they’re genuinely the sweetest, kindest group of people I’ve been blessed with the good fortune to meet. DFTBA!

Hello, Goodbye


I’m also moving out. It didn’t really hit me till I came home yesterday and saw three huge red-white-blue bags sitting where the bed used to be. For two years now, ‘home’ has been a dingy 400ish square feet apartment on North Street, Kennedy Town that I shared with 5-6 other HKU students. The lease is coming to an end, and most of the original crew is graduating or has graduated. There are things I won’t miss – saying that we are slobs is a bit of an understatement (though that’s pretty rich coming from me, who is very possibly The Biggest Slob of All). You have to get use to zero private space – it’s not uncommon to have three people in the tiny bathroom in the morning, all engaged in different tasks at the same time. There are times when we’ve run out of tissue paper and shampoo for near a week, but no one could be bothered to run down to the grocery shop to get them, even though we literally, literally live next to a Wellcome. In fact, we’re almost always lacking one daily necessity or another, but not once have we been out of alcohol (Ron Weasley: she needs to sort out her priorities…). It’s been a good run, and I’d always look back on these memories fondly – from the  Sherlock marathon on a cramped sofa and midnight jamming sessions to 3am dimsum at Sun Hing and beers by the K Town pier.


The original 十二樓後座 gang, 2011 and 2013!

“I fell for her like suicide from a bridge.”

On my hKUDOS bio page, I had named Neil Gaiman as one of the things I would take with me to a desert island. Neil Gaiman is a writer I have a huge literary fetish for; I’ve read all of his adult books except for Stardust (a little ironic since it’s probably one of his most famous works to date, especially after it’s been made into a movie starring Claire Danes) and am currently working my way through his children ones, which are equally good (and creepy). On Monday, this came in the mail, and I practically squealed:


Sandman is a set of graphic novels authored by Neil Gaiman, and many who shares my love for Gaiman have for long urged me to read them, saying it’s possibly his best work. I’ve been dying to get my hands on them, but since they’re pretty pricey and consists of 12 volumes altogether, I had put off doing so till I came into a bit of spare cash. Sandman follows the journeys of Morpheus, Lord of Dreams and one of the seven Endless; if you’re a fan of graphic novels, or horror stories, or myths and fantasies…go get one at the bookstore now!

Because Gaiman is practically a encyclopaedia of fiction-through-the-ages , it takes a while for one to uncover the literary jewels he’s stashed in the hems of his book, and it’s often then that you truly appreciate the genius of his work. The stories are a very good read in themselves, but what Gaiman does best is taking a familiar story and disorienting you by bringing a whole new perspective onto it, which is simultaneously very refreshing yet endearing. As such, the reading experience is very different when you realize what original work it is that he has used as the basis. It’s also because of this that reading his books never get old for me: every time I go back, I find an easter egg I haven’t noticed before.

Some of his stories can be found on the internet for free, and one of them is A Study in Emerald. You can read it here:

Other than that…

The highlight of my week was probably going to the Bullet For My Valentine concert, a band I fell in love with years ago with their Road to Nowhere, but because I was too poor to get VIP tickets I was much further back than I’d like to be, plus I was physically too wiped out to hop into the pseudo mosh pit.


I also spent a significant amount of time getting stuck on my Stanley Kubrick paper for my American Art Cinema class and basically weeping over the fact that I now spend most of my days moping around the 24-hours open main library.

Which reminds me, I really should be getting back to my work. An old exchange blog described studying at HKU as ‘student plus dying’, and the full-fledged finals mode me can hardly disagree. Till then, peace.

But first, let me finishing watching last week’s episode of Game of Thrones