Photo sequence of a tranquil squirrel

April 23, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

On a good day along the Carmel coast, a squirrel might just be standing in the sunny breeze. It will be watching the road for stopping cars, waiting for tourists toting their little snacks.



Just a tranquil weekday from a smaller perspective.

Oh, seagulls like snacks, too.

The 17-Mile Drive at Carmel, CA is a pretty cool place for a Sunday cruise. It’s a loop drive that follows a coast brimming with wildlife and then goes through some forested, affluent neighborhoods. It gets crowded on the weekends though, so consider making it a Monday drive instead. When I went in April, you could hear the harsh barks of sea lions hauled out on a crowded rocky island just off shore. A little animal managed to hold my attention for longer, though.