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Summer Sangria

September 16, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Hello dear readers @hKUDOS :)

After a long tiring day dealing with work and crazy people, I’d go, ” I need a drink.” I am quite certain that there would be at least few people among you guys who sympathize or agree with me, going through same problems. I feel you, buddy.

a. Want to have a drink with less guilty pleasure

b. Want a summery cocktail but not too sweet

c. Don’t want to unconsciously have a drunk munch after

If you are looking for either a, b, or c, you are reading the very right post at the moment because I’m going to introduce the awesomest “Sangria” you can find in Hong Kong. Among all the summery drinks I’ve had so far such as icy and sparkling prosecco with strawberry inside, Minty Mojito, and frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, the one that I’ve always felt as THE ONE to quench summer thirst has been Sangria.

Sangria is named after the Latin word for “blood” – “sanguis ” because of its typical dark-red color, and normally consists of wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener, and a small amount of added brandy. I often make my own at home since they tend to be over-priced because of the seasonal fruits inside but I recommend you try making it and sharing with your friends :)

EAT RIGHT, located at Shama Soho, 9-11 Staunton St, promotes healthy and organic dining at a  reasonable price. And for monday, you can enjoy 2-4-1 Sangria for the whole day only at $75. They offer five different kinds of Sangria including the Classic red Sangria, and here I will introduce you two of them I’ve tried.



Very Berry Sangria: contains whole cranberry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, red wine, brandy, and ginger ale.

IMG_20130826_4 (1)


Sangria down under: orange cut, apple cut, kiwi cut, lemon cut, club soda, and white wine

No Sangrias could be more fruity than the ones EAT RIGHT offers. The chunks of fresh fruit they have inside the glass are so fresh, sweet, tangy, and crispy that they literally are the representaion and manifesto of legit Sangria (as you can tell from the picture).

2 glasses of Sangria I had at 5′o clock on Monday afternoon were simply perfect. They weren’t too strong, not too sweet, but “just right”, said Goldilocks. And the fruits inside were as large and generous enough as a small fruit platter that a regular restaurant would offer.

I can’t even think of the proper words to describe how awesome these Sangrias were, so i say, GO TRY THEM ON MONDAY, especially if you are on budget, since a glass of Sangria would usually cost around 70hkd in any bars, tasting no better than here. Plus, they will make your tough Monday a lot better.