Lastly, of course, the companions! Friendship! Only crazy people like these will accompany me to cross off my bucket list in such a crazy weather. It will be one of the memories that I treasure the most ;)

It’s a mountain-and-beach kind of day!

March 14, 2014 / by

Dragon’s Back - ‘Best Urban Hiking Trail in Asia’ by Time (Asia Ed.) So it’s Reading Week! Reading Week basically is a week off in HKU for students to study/revise/catch up with school...


Take it to the South!

March 03, 2013 / by

This post is the first in the Travel Series, which will be interwoven with other themes like last week's Restaurant Series. This week will be tough because of mid-term exams, but you know good...


A Day in Stanley

March 09, 2012 / by

IT'S READING WEEK!!! Today, I decided to check out Stanley Bay. I had been wanting to go for some time, especially after my friend talked about his one-day trip there. After so many days stuck in...