Take it to the South!

March 03, 2013 / by / 3 Comments

This post is the first in the Travel Series, which will be interwoven with other themes like last week’s Restaurant Series.

This week will be tough because of mid-term exams, but you know good things are coming up afterwards! You also know that reading week is coming up, and hence wondering where to set your foot on. While I’m looking at places outside of HK Island, there are actually a handful of great options on the island! This time I’d like to take it to the south of the island amidst of the recent gloomy weather. Hong Kong is famous for its wonderful coastline, as much as its skyscrapers and lights! The unique geographical location and ancient geological formation makes Hong Kong’s coastlines some of the safest place to have fun. So this week’s destinations will be Stanley and The Repulse Bay.

Sometimes city life can be overwhelming, but nowhere in the world will you be able to escape the city in half an hour. You can do that in Hong Kong, that’s right! The south of HK Island has lush green and Mediterranean-like atmosphere, plus many luxury estate properties. You might feel that our Medical Faculty is far, and University Hall is even farther. But if you just go a little further than that you will enter the Southern District of the island. Repulse Bay and Stanley wouldn’t be far after that. The best way to get there is via Citybus Route 973, which is directly accessible on Pokfulam Road down the University campus. The route tags the coastline on a higher ground so the entire western coastline is visible while on the bus (a really magnificent view if you ride at the right time). Bus 973 will take you to Ocean Park (though it’s not recommended in March).

Our first stop is Stanley, the very south tip of Hong Kong Island, and the Stanley Bay has in my opinion the best combination of view and leisure.

Along the coast is a series of food stalls that serve a variety of casual cuisines. Stanley Market is a must-visit for all tourists, it’s a really good place to look out for cheap items/accessories that may easily cost twice as much elsewhere.

Stanley Market

From my visit, I’d say Stanley is worth about 3-4 hours of stay from noon through afternoon. Then it would be a great time to return, but first stop by Repulse Bay for a session of evening chill and great scenery. The Repulse Bay is hands down the best beach for summertime, and also the closest one to the university. For early spring temperature it might not be the best idea for a swim, but the view is certainly worth a trip! On a clear day you can watch the sunset down the bay, the bay is also voted by HK photographers as the best place to photograph sunset on Hong Kong Island. Here is a snapshot:

Repulse Bay

I even shot a time-lapse film of the sunset, check it out! The reading week is one week long, and there are many places worth visiting. If you don’t want to go too far then Southern HK may be an ideal place to spend a casual afternoon with friends! In addition, if you are also feeling posh, The Verandah serves excellent afternoon tea (minimum $179) just up from the beach (with view of sea of course). So if you’re in the mood of welcoming spring next week, take a stride down the south of Hong Kong Island and get a day of relaxation and leisure!