Take Outs go Japanese: Hananoen

March 05, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Hello everyone, welcome to March! Isn’t it both amazing and depressing how time flies? We are already 1/4 through 2013 and what have you done? what have I done? How are your New Year’s Resolutions going so far, ay? When I’m in blue and thinking about your life plans like I recently am, I take a walk along Kenndy town and Shueng wan, searching for hidden chill places and restaurants to take my readers and friends around. And guess what I found!

Hananoen, located near Shek Tong Tsui food center(which also is one of my favorite places; look forward to food heaven in the future posts), is a Japananese take out place mainly serving sushis. You might think that this place is no different from other Japanese places around Hong Kong but IT ISN’T. The thing I like about Hananoen is that they all are fresh out of the kitchen; They will only start rolling, grilling, or cooking once you order the kind of sushi you want. Also, with more than 100 kinds of food available ranging from regular sushi, roasted sushi, sashimi, temaki, rolls, onigiri(rice balls), to a variety of snacks, you’ll feel as if you are in a restaurant, not a little take out place.

My choice of selection for a light lunch was roasted salmon, roasted cheese shrimp, salmon, and roasted egg sushis; and as you can see from the photo, it comes with nice little containers of pickeled ginger, mayo, wasabi, and soy sauce. Prices also are really decent in a way that Sushis range only from $5-18 and rolls range from $10-30. You can also choose from pre-arranged sushi sets.

I often used to get take outs because I feel so awkward or unworthy to go into a restaurant alone even paying additional service charges.  But Hananoen, with freshly cooked warm rice, good quality of the ingredients for sure, and kind manners of the staffs, gave me a whole new impression about take outs. I would go to Hananoen for quality Japanese Sushis, not to save my time and money; in fact, walking all the way to Hananoen from my hall is quite a distance especially when I’m hungry. haha

Just be aware of the Opening hours: from 1130am-9pm.

I attached here a really accurate google map to help you guys find a place so just walk along Kennedy town in chill afternoons and you can easily find here with a wooden sign outside. :)

Now I’m hungry again thinking about that crispy soft shell crab rolls and this is why I avoid food-blogging and at night but I hope you all suffer as well ;p let’s all go for japanese tomorrow lunch! and I’ll see you there and around xx