Tamar Park

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Need a break?

 As a student, you are always short of money. Spending over 100 bucks for a cocktail in

LKF can be a burden if you do that every single weekend.

So here is my special secret spot that I spend some of my nights in Hong Kong to hang out with my friends.

Tamar Park in Admiralty.

As you get off at Admiralty station, go to exit A.

And go up to the footbridge that you will encounter on Hartcourt Road.


This is the view you would see on the footbridge if you face Central.

And if you walk on the footbridge towards the water, there will be this huge government building in front of you. You’ll have to pass through it and voila you are


at Tamar Park.

This photo is taken at my favorite time of the day, when the sun is going down and the lights on the street are turning on.

It is not dark yet so the natural and artificial lights make a magical atmosphere that makes me speechless.

As you can see from the photo, there is a generous amount of grass field in the park. This is surprising considering the skyrocketing rent in Hong Kong especially in this location.


On top of that, this place is usually very empty. The busyness of Hong Kong makes me live more actively but sometimes it is very exhausting when you have to walk through countless numbers of people on small, narrow streets.

Some say that Hong Kong Park is an oasis of green in this urban landscape but I’d say this place is the actual oasis in the middle of everything.

tamar3 The skyline of Hong Kong Island is right next to this park(or I’d say this park is actually in the middle of all the skyscrapers) and when you turn around, there is Victoria Harbour and Kowloon.

I should not forget to mention its amazing accessibility; you don’t have to wait for 973 bus for 30 minutes on Pok Fu Lam and take the ride for an hour to get to Stanley.

You just need to take buses to Admiralty or sometimes to Central Pier as there is a nice path from Central Pier to the park and you get to this peaceful oasis.


No matter what time of the day you go, this place becomes your healing spot.

During the daytime, it feels like you are on a picnic.

When the sun is going down you would see an amazing sunset on both island and Kowloon side.

At night, you would see Hong Kong’s world famous night view.



As I’ve said at the beginning, I like to go and chill here sometimes on my own but mostly with my good friends.

Lying on the ground and enjoying this amazing view make you feel blessed to be living in Hong Kong.

This is something you should experience and you would definitely appreciate as a student with a light pocket.

I honestly wanted to keep this spot for myself as most parts of Hong Kong island are really crowded while this place isn’t yet.

But good things are meant to be shared and as the more people appreciate things the higher their value gets.

So here is my secret spot where I love to take a short journey to from the university.

And as for my first year of studies in HKU, it was not only the university but also this awesome city itself with amazing places like this that made my time special and memorable.

 Written by Choi Ji Eun  BA – Year 2

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