The challenge of walking in an another country’s shoes @ WorldMUN 2012, Vancouver (Part 2)

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Day 3 began nice and early at 8:30am. All of our delegates proceeded to their respective committee conference rooms present in the Vancouver convention center. My fellow delegate Ali and me who were in the SPECPOL committee, arrived in the room well before time and we could immediately feel the excitement building up the room for the debate that lay ahead. The morning session was kicked off with our committee head taking a roll call of all the countries present and it followed up by a rigorous debate on which topic would be discussed first. The two topics in contention were the Palestine question and the American Civil war leading to the formation of new states. After many failed voting attempts to get a majority of two thirds, we finally passed a motion to discuss the Palestine question three hours into our first session. As Malawi we supported to discuss the other topic and also made an opening statement supporting that issue, but the more obvious and pressing issue in the current era prevailed.

SPECPOL Conference

There was a lunch break between the first and second committee sessions of the day and so once we returned the real debate started to take place. The situation in the room was quite tense since the beginning, as we had chosen such a sensitive topic. Everyone was trying to be as diplomatic as they could be whilst still emphasizing on their ideologies and opinions. We as Malawi stuck to the African Union stance, which is quite pro Palestine and encourages the implementation of the Pre-1967 borders of Israel. The session was quite inconclusive as no one was willing to target specific issues and everyone was rather showing their overall concerns. The session was followed up with the head delegate and advisor meeting to address any issues encountered. Day 3 concluded with the third social event of the conference, which was 1920s Cabaret themed. The night consisted of excellent performances by the Harvard organization team, the UBC host team, great music selection and an open dance floor. All the guy members of our delegation looked exceptionally dapper whereas the women looked particularly chic.

Social event – 20′s night


Delegate Ali Mohiuddin with advisor Professor Tony Carty

For me Day 4 started really slow as after a long night of dancing I was in no mood to attend the committee session so early in the morning. The whole session went by in a haze of tiredness and the anticipation of the trip to Whistler that lay ahead. This day’s committee session resulted to be more specific in the approach and the active players such as China, America, Israel, France and Palestine laid down some hardcore agendas to focus on. By the end of session coalitions were being formed and draft resolutions started to take shape. We had only one committee session on this day as the evening session was occupied by the half-day trip to Whistler. This was the location for the next social event, The Masquerade. Right after the committee session we went to the hotel for a quick change and proceeded towards the buses, which were to take us to Whistler. We had heard that it snowed there a couple of days ago so heavy overcoats were in order. The drive to hill station was gorgeous to say the least as I witnessed some of the most breath taking views that exist. Lake’s, snowy mountains, and pine trees almost everything was worth taking a picture of and it literally looked like something out of a movie. As if the ride wasn’t exceptional enough, the small village setup was a cherry on the cake. The cozy close-knit community, small cafes, wonderful restaurants and a chair lift, which led to the top of the snowy mountains, are all worth mentioning.

We spent about 2 hours roaming around the village, doing some sight seeing, having coffee and discovering new shops at every corner. Towards the evening we all had dinner as a group along with our faculty advisor which provided us with a chance to catch up. After an early dinner all of advanced to the location where the masquerade was supposed to be held. Dressed up in crisp suits, girls in cocktail dress of course and brightly coloured masks, everyone seemed to enjoy the music, food and socializing. As it had been along day, I was one of the few people to leave the party at around midnight whereas everyone else continued to dance until the late hours of the night. The journey back to downtown was uneventful as it was pitch dark and almost the whole bus was sound asleep. I turned in as soon as I reached back to my room and feel asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.

Social Event – Masquerade Party


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Hamza Farrukh

Engineering-Year 3