The Little Details I Picked Up During Finals

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Aahhh Christmas has past and New Years is almost here. Congratulations to everyone for surviving finals season, it’s been one depressing ride. The professor for the last paper I sat for even wished us a Merry Christmas at the end of the examination, bless his soul. His paper was less pleasant though.

It’s been a long year but I’m now back in the land of eternal summer (Malaysia) and just a little advice for all the prospective university students out there – cherish your holidays dearly. Those moments when you have absolutely nothing to do are rarer than a pink unicorn and can only be described as pure bliss.

But because I’m bored (but happy) I can’t help but think back on the crazy first semester of 3rd year at uni. First of all, I’ve come to the conclusion that 3rd year isn’t exactly fun. It’s the year when the thrill of being a university student has long worn off; when warm hearts to help freshmen with whatever problems they may have have been replaced with a cold “Sorry, that’s a sophomore’s job, ain’t no senior got time for you”; when trips to Lan Kwai Fong have lost their original appeal (the hangovers are no joke, mind you); and sleep is hands down the best luxury.

Here’re some of the little details I’ve noticed during my last month and a half of the semester. I’ve had 3 meals a day on campus, sometimes all 3 meals in the same cafeteria. Yep, you know life has hit an all-time low when you know the SU canteen cashiers’ working shifts. If you order the curry/onion sauce/barbeque sauce rice dish for dinner, the nice guy at the food counter gives you a lot of gravy. I think it’s his way of showing support to all the stressed-out students.

For breakfast, Super Congee fries perfect sunny side up eggs whilst SU… just gives you fried eggs. And CYM breakfasts are very similar to SU’s but a couple bucks more expensive. Swire’s morning fried chicken has room for improvement and Delifrance’s breakfast sets are actually cheaper than you think.

If you stay in 3rd village, the shuttle bus driver for the 8.30am shuttle plays Kpop music. He’s known as the Kpop driver. He has pretty good taste too, I have half a heart to ask to copy his playlist.

And if you’re walking to campus from 2nd or 3rd village, I wouldn’t recommend the stairs route right next to the gas station on Pokfield road. It’s not a shortcut. It’s just replacing the horizontal distance with a vertical one. Not fun.

In the Learning Commons, it can get freezing cold (a complete waste of energy) but there are spots which are slightly warmer. The quiet study room is relatively warm and the middle seats of the two long rows of black tables with a nice view of the Centennial campus are also quite alright. But when people decide to have a group discussions, you might get all hot and angry anyway.

It’s also always smart to check the weather forecast in advance so you know how warm/cold it’ll be the next day, especially during winter when you really can’t afford to fall sick. With unpredictable weather, serious lack of sleep, and stress levels running high, you’d be lucky to get an appointment at UHS (University Health Service) because everyone else has a runny nose too.

And sometimes, just for fun, there can be a fire alarm in the early morning or late night a day before your next paper. They don’t bother me so much anymore, people who’ve stayed in 3rd village since 2012 will know exactly what I’m talking about. Now I know, I know, nobody sets off the fire alarm on purpose. But please, you do not steam buns in the metal pot and go take a shower. Nor should you take a scathing hot shower and leave the cubicle door ajar so enough steam floats out into the corridor to trigger a false alarm(seriously?). Neither are metal utensils and the microwave best friends. And lastly, the exhaust fan and windows in the pantry are there for a reason such as… you know – ventilation? Use them.

I’ve also heard horror stories of people pulling all-nighters for a morning paper the next day and falling asleep at their desks only to miss their exam. That is just the worst scenario possible. My heart goes out to such people. If you’re the type of person who can sleep through hailstorms, changing your alarm’s ringtone might (or might not) help. I’d personally recommend the police car siren on full volume. That’d definitely wake me up. Or, you can always sleep through your alarm and wake your next door neighbor up and have them come over to bang on your door. But don’t do that to me, I might throw away your alarm clock/phone.

But nevertheless, finals period is finally over. And after burning all that midnight oil, shedding tears and thinking freedom would never dawn (sorry, I don’t deal with stress that well), the holiday season is finally here. Whether you did well or badly for your papers, I think we can all say that despite the occasional bouts of procrastination, our panda eyes and how much less we’ve spent this month are proof that we’ve all tried our best.

Happy holidays everyone and the HKU MTR Station and Kennedy Town MTR Station will be our New Years’ present!

And a special shout-out to a friend of mine who’s off to military service in Korea next semester! 성재야 공항에서 못 만나 아쉽네. 미안해! 군대 잘 다녀와!

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