The Search for HKudos Bloggers

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February 12, 2012…

After looking at what HKU had been missing on the Social Networking Sites (SNSs) scene, a team of highly motivated staff @ HKU International decided to build something which could offer a glimpse to other students, here at HKU and those around the world, how HKUers experience their lives here. Now geared with a team of students hailing from around the world, we are ready to launch what we have been working on!

hKUDOS is a new Social Media Platform featuring blogs, campaigns, feature stories, events and much more about HKU and its life. A window into things going on at HKU, hKUDOS is going to be a totally new experience, something current and prospective students have not experienced about HKU before!

hKUDOS is going to be launched very soon, and that’s why we are now hiring bloggers!


March 2012…

The bloggers are now recruited!

The first batch of student bloggers consists of five students from different parts of the world: Sa’diyya Nesar, Wayne Chang, Stephanie Tsui, Chloe Kim and a guest blogger, Jonathan Mackojc. Don’t forget, we also have a great team that keeps this website fresh and running! A round of applause to the HKUdos Team!

(Psssttt, HKUdos Team is still keeping its members’ identity a top secret. Stay tuned to find out more about them!)