The start of something new.

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This is Sa’diyya—one of the new bloggers for HKUDOS!

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts, and experiences, but first let me introduce myself.  My name’s Sa’diyya. I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I studied in an international school, and I am currently a year two BA student who is majoring in English and minoring in Arabic. Yes, I know it’s an “ancient,” language.

Some of you may know me, or, have seen me “drive,” by on campus. Yes, drive. No kidding.

Ever since starting university I decided to use the electrical wheelchair on campus, despite having the ability to walk. So, I arrive and leave campus walking. However, I drive myself to class.

Haha, I won’t begin to describe some of the  different reactions I get from people who see me walk “miraculously,” for the first time.  I’ll save it for another post.

Ever since using the wheelchair I noticed things that I did not usually notice when walking—so I look forward to share my university life from the unique situation I am in.

To sum it up, I am a Muslim wheelchair user, who can also walk, and who wears the hijab (headscarf). Yep, I am pretty hard to miss.

Comments are welcomed—I would love to hear what other hku-ers  have to say. :D It’s nice to share and understand things from different perspectives. If you guys are interested in anything particular then do tell me!

I guess that pretty sums up who I am.

Look forward to more posts from me!