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It’s normal for you to find your stress level amounting to a boiling point where you can no longer bear hearing details related to the coming exams. You may forgive yourself for getting all hormonal whenever the term GPA is mentioned. GPA, the life and limb of HKU students, is the devil that has generated the extreme paranoia for generations of HKU students in the disastrous month of April. Admit it: we’re all a bunch of high achievers, smart-asses and know-alls.

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Call us superstitious if you like, but during the HKU exam period there’s always one event whose clutches we can never escape from – the whole HKU unique cultural experience of being baptized by the Superpass exam luck boost. It’s a tradition, a spirit, an obsession and a can’t-live-without kind of experience among HKU students, for we will feel so psychologically unsafe entering the exam hall without participating in at least one SUPERPASS event of the semester.

The Superpass event is the SUPERPASS event of the year. Held at the newly-opened HKU visitor centre, it begins with a spirited opening ceremony, a metaphor for the formality of the beginning of the exam period, to remind participants that despite the relaxation we are so long accustomed to in our usual daily procrastination, it’s time to face the reality. (Light up guys!) The opening ceremony provides you with a refreshing experience to face the reality though, since you are accompanied with laughter, food and refreshments to mark the start of your glorious entrance into the exam period. As a reminder of life, you can always face troubles and hard times with a smile and positive heart as guise.

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After having refreshments to fill yourself with the energy needed to face the challenges ahead, you get to do some writing practices for the exams by stating your wish and goals of the exam period on colored papers (fei chun), a Chinese traditional writing for festives, to provide yourself a clear direction for the coming period. Looking at how your personal goals are hung on the wishing tree, it’s as if your wishes are publicly proclaimed to the world, to signify your irrevocable determination of realizing what’s written on the little piece of paper left on the tree. Since your exam goals are declared, it’s a point of no return. (Achieve it, guys!)

The organization kindly gives out souvenirs to participants as sources of determination, luck and encouragement for May. The secret is left to those who visit and have a look. Good luck guys!

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