Things You Can Do to Feel Better

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You know how there are things that you can always do to make yourself feel better whenever things go terribly wrong and you feel like your life’s a mess? That basically sums up my life at the moment, especially with finals week looming ahead.

To battle against the gloom and feel better in general, I’ve come up with the following strategies that can hopefully bring a smile back onto your face even when you feel nothing like it.

Call up your friends and spill your heart out

This is by far the best remedy to stop feeling blue – talk! Talk to your friends about whatever problems you may be having because keeping them pent up inside will only make you feel worse in the long run. Give your best friend a ring, even when you need her at 4 am in the morning (hey, we aren’t sisters for nothing). Talk till late with your friends, because the more you talk about it, the better you will feel about it. Even if you’re just calling them up so that they can listen to you cry. Trust me, they will appreciate that you’re calling them up instead of crying alone in bed. Friends are, after all, one of the most important people in our lives.

Take a nice, hot bath (with bubbles!)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found soaking in hot water an excellent way to wind down especially after a long, stressful day. Play with bubbles in your bathtub like you’re nine instead of nineteen, stretch your limbs in the hot water and let the aroma and the warmth take all your misery away. You can get bath powder from places such as LogOn. I once tried a chocolate flavoured one and it was pure heaven. I did stumble upon several odd ones though – one is chilli flavoured, and it claims that it had the power to reduce fat since it would make you sweat a lot. Regardless, taking a nice hot bath has never failed to cheer me up (would even be better if you held a mini-concert there – try singing songs by Adele and feel like a megastar).


Ice cream has never failed to make me happy. Whenever I feel bad I have ice cream or something along those lines. Sounds unhealthy, but I tend to think that unhappiness is a valid excuse for indulging oneself in the world of sweet delicacies (of course you can’t do this all the time). Pay a visit to Holly Brown or Ben & Jerry’s – they have the best (peanut butter) ice cream. Make sure you treat yourself to something nice, like blueberry cheesecake that’s extremely creamy with a buttery base, or some quality tiramisu that can only be found in authentic Italian restaurants like ANTICO at The One in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Watch Friends

Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I feel upset or down, I automatically treat myself to a Friends marathon. Maybe it’s the humour in the series, or maybe it’s the characters, or maybe it’s the appeal of being able to sit in a coffee shop all day and have awesome friends who care about you. The series is my favourite for many reasons, and watching an episode is a sure-fire way of feeling happy and giddy again.

Get out of the house and have fun

You know how sometimes you’re just so depressed you don’t feel like doing anything, let alone leave your bed and face the outside world? I’ve discovered that forcing myself to get out of my cosy apartment is a great way of feeling better again, especially when you meet up for a lunch or dinner date with your best pals. Going out is a sort of distraction, and seeing other people and new things on sale at the supermarket or whatever helps put things in perspective. Maybe you failed an exam, or broke up with your significant other – so what? The world won’t stop just because bad stuff happened. Going out will make you realise that you’ve got to stand up on your feet again, and fast, because so many wonderful people and things are out there waiting for you!

Read your favourite novel

Whenever I feel unhappy I try to look for inspiration from novels. My all-time favourite is Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell because whenever things don’t go right I always think of Scarlett O’Hara, because nothing ever puts her down. Read a novel featuring a strong hero/heroine so that you will feel inspired to stand up on your feet again.

Write about it

I’m not the type of person to keep a diary because I’m too lazy to keep one, but whenever I feel stressed out or unhappy in general I write about my feelings, either through prose or poetry. This works miracles for me because it’s like a sort of release. Write your heart out and you’ll feel less burdened.


Some people may think that crying is for the weak, but I think crying is a healthy process designed by nature to help us recover faster. By all means cry – sob like there’s no tomorrow. Get the weight off your chest by crying your heart out and soon you will be fine. Might even work better if you had a shoulder to cry on, but it doesn’t matter sometimes. Maybe a pillow or an old teddy bear would do the trick.

Play a musical instrument

For the musically gifted, playing the guitar, the piano or whatnot might just do the trick. Where words fail, music speaks. I like listening to jazz when I feel unhappy because it reminds me of good food, great wine, and the happy life in general.

In a nutshell…

There are uncountable ways to feel happy again. You just got to find the best ways for yourself, which I might or might not have mentioned here. Regardless of the methods you choose to cheer yourself up, always bear in mind that you’re not alone. Life is a rollercoaster and there are bound to be up’s ad down’s. No matter what it is that’s happened, remember to stay strong and keep going on with whatever you’re doing in your life. The world is not going to stop for you even when you don’t feel like moving on, because this is the reality and reality doesn’t pity anyone. Just remember that you are strong enough to tackle whatever it is that comes your way!