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This is what REAL bread tastes like

August 11, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Hello, dear hKUDOS readers :) I hope you all had a long relaxing weekend either with lots of booze or food.

I’m pretty sure we all have cravings of some kind. In my case, it’s hard bread; but careful here, cus I’m talking about real bread which is a bit hard to find in Hong Kong while there are so many local and foreign bakeries.

Then I found LEVAIN, the one and only artisan bakery in Soho, Hong Kong. At least it sure is one of very few bakeries in Hong Kong using levain and traditional method in bread making.


Despite of it’s not-so-cheap price, LEVAIN is always full of people for the whole day. Well, who wouldn’t love hand-made fine European style breads such as baguettes, sourdoughs, pan breads, brioche and croissants? Back in the day when I was young I used to crave plushy breads, cookies, or cupcakes with rose-red cherry on top, or rainbow sprinkles spreaded all over, those that look too pretty to eat. But now that I’ve grown up, I tend to prefer the kind of bakings where I can feel the aroma and flavour of good flour and gingerly touch of the pâtissier. And I immediately fell in love with LEVAIN when I saw an array of breads that I’ve been craving and looking for.



This is one of my favorites at LEVAIN, Pretzel. As you can tell from the picture, it really is hand-made, or hand-twisted. And oh my god, the smell. Once I was just sniffing at this warm pretty pretzel, savoring the every bit of this artwork and I didn’t care about those people staring at me at all. No artificial colorings, flavours, preservatives, or any other spices, but flour and a little bit of salt.

Eating breads is one of my biggest guilty pleasures but here at LEVAIN, I even feel healthier probably because it actually is.

So if you ever want to try out high quality artisan breads, – in fact, they also have sandwiches, salad, paninis, cookies, freshly squeezed fruit juice and many more – you know where I have recommended. ;)

*LEVAIN is located on 39 Aberdeen street, right opposite of the bar I posted few days ago, SASHAY.