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So I’d like to dedicate this blog to the categories mentioned in the above title. While I am still exploring interesting themes for my blog posts, I want to share some interesting photos and videos that I think are good company of a blog/photo-essays. I try to take all of the photos on my own as it shows that I have actually visited those places and may provide a more authentic experience for my readers. For the rest of my entries I will be bringing you guys some really interesting places in HK, centered on the above themes. More so, expect those places to be new to you because as a avid photographer I like going to places that others won’t normally go to :)

I own a Nikon Coolpix P510, which stands between a point-and-shoot camera and a DSLR. So far it has done more for me than I expected it to :) All of the photos you guys (will) see on my blog would be the great work of this little buddy, plus some post-processing.

For this week I’d like to introduce an English-style tea house furbished in HK style, that’s actually the most apt description I can give. Located at Wanchai, The Pawn used to be a pawn shop (duh?) back in the old days, where lots of second-hand or stolen items were gathered and re-sold. Today, The Pawn still retains its old Hong Kong 60/70s architecture but represents a renaissance of tea-loving haven, located at the heart of Wanchai.

This is how it looks from the opposite street, uniquely spawned in the midst of residential blocks and restaurants.

The Pawn

As viewed from the opposite street

The building is an official historial site, and the top floor is designated as a public place thus you can wander onto the top even if you’re not dining there. That said, it’s hard to miss the range of delicacies served. You can enjoy a set (2-person) of English afternoon tea for $298, that doesn’t need any more elaborations. I ordered lunch instead of afternoon tea in my last visit, and the meal was surprisingly delicate:

Egg stewed with sour kelp

Egg stewed with sour kelp

Pudding with raw strawberries

Pudding with raw strawberries

But before I leave you there drooling, just need to make it clear that it is designated as a high-end restaurant ($$$$$), hence you know what to consider before going. So this is all I have in mind for my very first post, and I promise that there will be more of these coming soon though not it won’t usually be food. Do hope you want to grab a few friends and visit The Pawn!