*WARNING* Do not eat this

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Hellooooo there, kitty!

I was just gonna make this post like a photobomb cus this is a cute foodie picture I took the other day but I might as well write down few more words, well, I’m already doing that anyways.

It’s not pasta, baked rice, and whatsoever that you think it is but a PAELLA, Spanish rice, and it was awful. yuck.

A new diner called “3:15pm” recently opened up in Sheung Wan while I was gone for a holiday in Korea so I checked it out, during breakfast and dinner time and breakfast was alright, I mean, it’s not that hard to make a decent breakfast set as long as you know how to cook eggs, toast, and open a can of baked beans, right?

But this $75 Paella I tried during dinner was just very, very, VERY disappointing except the fact that there was quite a lot of seafood inside and the mussels were surprisingly fresh, fatty, and tasty. But please, who the hell uses this cheap tomato sauce to make Paella? It  just tasted like $20 ketchup and yellowy half-cooked rice was definitely not Spanish, and I don’t think it’s Chinese either so thank you so much for the multiculturalism going on in my dish?

Sorry for all this angry babbling, I don’t usually write a post like this but this is a WARNING. DO NOT EAT HERE, at least not the Paella. Why do they even call it Paella?