Welcome home to Sauna City

July 18, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

I landed in Hong Kong on Tuesday morning. After seven months of being away, I craned my neck eagerly to see out the cabin window of Singapore Airline’s Flight Number One as we descended to home. Hong Kong’s tropical skyline at dawn is a sight to behold; lush, cotton-candy clouds drifted past my little peephole whilst a brilliant backdrop of pink and gold beckoned, cast by a rising sun that was nowhere in sight. I felt excited to be back. Rows of inflight movie screens froze in unison as the pilot announced our arrival, informing us that we had got there early and that the local time was five-thirty-five.

The familiar silhouette of Hong Kong Airport flowed by as we touched down and taxied past the control tower. Deja-vu. We came to a halt and I jumped out to grab my belongings. I beat the impending bottleneck. Striding down the isle at an excited pace, I was good about myself. With my guitar slung over one shoulder and backpack slouching from the other, I was fulfilling my teenage dream of being a worldly traveler-hero coming home with stories to tell.

I reached the end of the aisle. A pretty stewardess stood by the hatch thanking me for flying with her company and offered a welcome to Hong Kong. Welcome indeed I thought, as I stepped out of the plane and straight into a wall of solid, humid air. Welcome home to Sauna City, you forgetful numpkin.