What kind of student are you?

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From seat hoggers to Hermione Grangers, hKUDOS takes a look at your favourite studying types here at HKU!

The Compulsive Planner

You think and manage everything in 15-minute slots. You know exactly what is going to fill up these slots and if you don’t already have them all written down on your trusty schedule book or your phone – you have them all mapped out in your brain. Before the exam season even kicks in, you and your organised mind already have everything planned out: First five chapters of macro-econ done by Tuesday, Contemporary Europe done by Thursday and Politics paper done by the end of the week. In between those study sessions, you have clearly planned out exactly how long you’re going to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner, which will be 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes respectively. You even noted down that you have exactly 15 minutes to shower, and everything – I mean EVERYTHING – has to go according to your plan. People sometimes call you crazy, and at times, you even amaze yourself! True, it’s all hard work, every time you cross out an item on your schedule – physical or mental regardless – that sense of accomplishment encapsulates you and you know you’ve done the right thing.

The Early Bird

You’re not a night person, because you believe that your body needs the rest and repair that one can only get through sleeping well. In other words, you’re the Early Bird. Instead of cramming and studying into the late hours of the night, you go to bed at 10:30pm. Rather than burning the midnight oil, you get up at 4 in the morning because nothing beats starting the day when no one yet is up and everything is simply so calm and serene. (You can even hear the birds chirp when the dawn breaks, goddammit!) It calms your anxiety and energises you. If you’re feeling extra lucky, you go out for a quick 30-minute-jog and return even more rejuvenated, and that’s when you start the day of studying. On the morning of an exam, you read all the detailed summaries you made during your study seshes as a final refresh of data and you walk into the exam hall ready to ace the paper – while everyone else is still bleary-eyed and fatigued. You walk out, feeling brilliant despite the burning muscles in your arm and shoulders – the day’s only just begun!

The Night Owl

This routine so perfectly regimented, it’s almost militaristic in its precision. If you’re a night owl, you are nocturnal, disciplined, and consistent – but your schedule is just slightly twisted. When everyone wakes up, you go to sleep (around 6 or 7am…maybe even 8am if you have enough stamina). You sleep for a few hours, wake up, eat, and start studying through the evening, and late into the night once again. It’s a bit skewed, but it definitely works for you! Oh, and coffee is your middle name. Don’t worry, we understand the frustration you go through when Starbucks, Knockbox and Pacific Coffee are all closed at 3am when you’re fighting nature to stay awake. The Nescafe cans of coffee in vending machines around campus are your saviour, or if you’re a sucker for quality, you’ll take a quick break and trek down to McDonald’s for a decent cup of coffee. We understand your plight…and in our opinion, campus should really have a 24 barista somewhere, especially during exam periods. (Does anyone know the process to petition for this?) Broadly speaking, your sleeping habits are flexible, and you can be reached at any time of the day (or night). Good luck keeping this up for long periods of time though – at the end of the day, even Batman needs his beauty rest.

The Hermione Granger (aka The Bokjun)

By the time everyone’s catching up on their last class you’re already prepared two classes worth of material ahead of time. Every lecture is recorded for reference purposes, and your favourite place is the library. Your raising your hand in every class has paid off – your teacher finally noticed you (50 points to Gryffindor!). But unfortunately, so did your fellow classmates. Exam period turns you into Ms Popularity; your phone never stops ringing and you’re constantly bombarded with questions: Can you proofread my essay for me? Do you think this thesis makes sense? Can you please, please, pretty please send me your notes? What topics are covered in the exam tomorrow? Where and when is the exam tomorrow? (Jesus, what have you been doing with your life?You’re exasperated, but unfortunately these idiots are your friends. Plus, admittedly, it is quite nice to feel this needed… 

The Storyteller

“Oh, I never study,” you say. You then go on at lengths about how you’ve been procrastinating: apparently, you’ve finished an entire season of Game of Thrones during exam period, and has been spending more time eating and sleeping than anything. Unfortunately, your friends are also back in town, and, sigh, they’re practically forcing you to go out with them, which is taking huge chunks off your revision time. You’d tell anyone who would listen stories about how you’re not studying, then two months later, when they ask about your grades, you’d return a sly smirk. Straight As. But of course.

The Clueless

It’s the last week of class. You’re roaming around campus, trying desperately to get onto portal (why isn’t it loading?!) or reach your friends – you know it’s the last lecture, when the prof’s going to go over the key points about what’s to be tested, and you absolutely cannot miss it. But where’s the classroom? Needless to say, you’ve gone through an entire semester in a zombie-like state, having been caught up with other ‘more important’ stuff: your jong duties, cheering at your hall games, part-time jobs, that needy boyfriend/girlfriend, and those Thursdays at Play. After all, you’re in uni, and before you graduate and become an old fart, you gotta have fun, man. YOLO! Now it’s the end of the semester and everything is catching up with you, you’re starting to panic; and when you try to finally purchase your compulsory textbook at the bookstore, you find out, to your dismay, that it’s all sold out and new copies won’t arrive until after exams. Now, what to do, what to do…

The Seat Hogger

Does this even need explaining?! You use the seat as a temporary day locker for free. Or… You conduct your daily activities (eat, sleep, rave, repeat) at your new home the same desk throughout the entire exam period. Or… You’re the culprit that books out the study room/study booth for an entire week and doesn’t actually show up.

The Hermit 

You see your goal, and you know how long you have to get to it. Nothing will stop you reaching for it, and in your eyes, the safest way to get there is to exclude yourself from your surroundings, and focus single-mindedly on getting what you want. You post notices on Facebook announcing your deactivation and bidding farewell to the world. Does this sound like you? If it does, you’re a study hermit. For you, exam periods include you temporarily locking yourself away from the universe, and probably getting various texts from your friends wondering where on earth you’ve been for the last few days. Your random emotional outbursts, chocolate cravings and 15 minute power naps probably help your deal with your complete social withdrawal. Be careful and don’t stress too much…but if you do, just remember, in the end, all your hard work will definitely be worth it.

The Deadline fighter-midnight crammer

You vaguely remember seeing random dates in the first lecture when assignments, group projects, presentations would be due. Back then, only dates of parties, marathons, friends’ birthdays existed in that oh-so-trusty mental calendar of yours. All those meaningless dates in that course guideline seemed far away. Time was on your side. You push everything till Reading Week, confident that everything can be settled then. But that godsent week comes and goes, and what have you accomplished?

Now karma’s caught up, and you’re staying up every single night trying to cram twelve weeks of course materials, rushing assignments, memorising points for tomorrow’s presentation and 11.55pm becomes a regular Moodle submission routine. But you can’t not go to your best friend’s surprise party. She baked a friggin’ birthday cake for you last year! And so regular meals and rest become the silent victim as you lapse into zombie mode, floating around campus in a daze, head zooming with little incomplete memos of stuff you crammed last night but can’t even remember which course it was for. You curse your professors for teaming up and putting all the deadlines together so they can watch you drown. You cannot understand how friends have already started revising for their finals whilst you’re still battling term papers and watching the sun rise by your window every morning as you realise you’ve gone another 48 hours with no rest.

Deadline fighter/midnight crammer, you bring the phrase “work hard, play hard” to a whole new level

And last but not least:

The Beyoncè

You secretly believe that you are the Queen and that nothing will break you because Beyoncè says so. You go through exams (and may be life in general) with B-town at your back. You belt out Beyoncè whenever the moment calls. Beyoncè is your spirit animal. Beyoncè is your life. You believe that the power of Beyoncè will plough through whatever challenges. You will always find the perfect Beyoncè song fitting for the moment and singing them during those specific times is what gets you through the hardest thing in the world, be it exams, break-ups (single ladies), or singing in the bathroom (ANY QUEENBEY SONG). Stay strong lovelies. May the force Bey with you. Love, Beyoncè’s understudy.

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