What Your Favourite HKU Restaurant Says About You

March 26, 2015 / by / 0 Comment

Bijas: You’re a rich, nature-loving individual who still thinks it is fashionable to be vegetarian/vegan (that’s so 90s; it’s cooler now to be gluten-free). Recycling is your middle name and you absolutely love this conscientious social enterprise that has a ‘chandelier’ made of plastic bottles hanging from the ceiling. You love earthly tones and chunky tribal jewelry, and is very likely to head to either Greenpeace or an NGO after you graduate.

Grove: You love flashy, bright clothing and wears platform heels to class. You have an odd taste for fluorescent colours, to the extent that you pour fluorescent colour liquid all over your food and call it ‘sauce’. You’ve never heard of the term al dente; overpriced and overcooked pasta that is of secondary school canteen food quality is your thing.

Starbucks: You’re very probably an exchange student who is still marveling at the cheap prices of everything in Asia (>2 pounds for a decent grande-sized coffee, say whatttttt?). That being said, Starbucks seems to be a universal favourite among HKU students and staff, presumably because of its huge discount, and attracts all kinds of personalities, so you can be anything from the bleary-eyed victims of an 8:30am class (CAES, anyone?) to idiots who would gladly trade their entire lunch money for a Hojicha soy latte (me). If you’re an impatient one, tough luck; even though there are now TWO Starbucks stores on campus within a 5-minute walk of each other, I’ve rarely seen either one without a queue, and you’d likely be staring at your watch, jumping up and down in fury for being late at lectures.

Ebeneezers: You’re either a) a fattie/fast food junkie who can’t get enough of those pizza and chips drizzled with mint, garlic and hot sauce; or b) well, Muslim, since Ebeneezers is the only place that serves Halal certified food on campus and is conveniently located next to the prayer room. Either way, you’re very probably South Asian.

Pacific Coffee: Located at the global lounge and next to the OISE offices, you’re probably also, well, global. This is where you chill with your buddies in between classes over delicious, reasonably-priced PCC brownies and what some argue is better coffee than Starbucks. You love sitting on the floor, working on your Mac on the floor, eating on the floor…until you hit your 50s and come down with a serious bout of rheumatism.

Swire Canteen: This is arguably the best canteen out of the three (the other two being SU and CYM Canteen). You may be on a budget but not so much that you would completely forsake the well-being of your taste buds, so hurrah for you! You are likely to be part of the seung-jong-ju-hall community at HKU, given the canteen’s proximity to Swire Hall and society rooms, and will be seen decked out in soc tees and slippers.

Delifrance: Oh la la! Even though there is nothing remotely French about Delifrance, apart from maybe the fact that they serve baguettes. You are no slacker when it comes to appearances, your pocket squares sticking out of your jackets, and you live by the rule ‘oxfords not brogues’. You have a suit for every occasion and you take advantage of the HKU suit-worshipping climate by wearing one even when you don’t necessarily have an interview or presentation. Never know what company bigwigs you might bump into on campus, right?