When Kina Grannis came to Hong Kong

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It was an unexpected chance to film Kina Grannis here in Hong Kong on 11th of March, 2012. My friends asked me if I could record her as a part of video project (check out the video below!). I have followed her songs since I was 20 years old. Each song has own personality which drugs people into her world. No wonder there was no hesitation to say no for the amazing offer.

In the morning of the filming day, I was writing an email to my family who are in Japan. One year ago, there was catastrophic disaster taken place in Northern Japan. Because of that earthquake, my lovely dog had died. We were all suffered from the loss and sadness. I am not the exception.

Surprisingly, however, when I met Kina Grannis, those complicated thoughts were totally gone out of my head. Not only me but also everybody who came to listen to her music must get something more than they expected from her songs. Laughs, cries, cheers….every single emotion representing happiness was condensed in 75 minutes show.

During an interview, she says, ‘if you write a song, the song has to be contended some original messages which has to be the one you strongly want to tell.’ She does not just sing a ‘song’ or using make an excellent use of singing skills. But instead, I believe she sends messages to all the listeners via voice and melody.

So, Where would you take me next, Kina?

VIDEO: When Kina Grannis came to Hong Kong


Tatsuhiko Esaki

HKU exchange student from International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan