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“Where dreams come true”, says a Morrisonian

June 30, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

Morrison 5-By Morrison Student Chairman Dicky Ho

“Under the same sky, Dreaming the same dream.”

To dare to dream is a value we university students immensely treasure. “4 years, 1 dream” is a very common idea in HKU and this philosophy has been very well demonstrated in the hall community, especially in the stories of Morrisonians throughout the hundred-year-long history of Morrison Hall.

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Morrison Mighty, Honour Your Glory

As revealed by the first line of our hall song – We dream of being honoured. Yet, our prime concern is never merely the prizes, but the effort we paid. A flag without collective endeavor cannot be considered as a glory of a hall. The virtue of our hall motto is to work together to progress. The process of working as one and striving for excellence so as to perform the best and yearn for recognition is what precious to us. When I recall the various Championships and awards we’ve taken home in aquatics, dragon boat, drama, choir competitions etc, what stands out most in our memory is the laughter and tears in every single practices. Though arduous, when we work together, the burden is now shared and hardship is no longer insurmountable.

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From Far We Gather with Joy and Harmony

It is the second line of our hall song– We dream of a harmonious and joyous living environment. Clashes of ideas are inevitable and ubiquitous, particularly when all are analytical individuals from different walks of life. More distinguishable is that we are having 150 undergraduates and 150 postgraduates students in our hall. Such a unique composition enables us a more diversified and internationalized environment, yet on the other hand, with more difficulties in mingling all hallmates to be united. Through various intercultural events and efforts in these few years, it is more than delighted to see UG and PG, local and non-local get along with one another very well in Morrison Hall. On our family nights, PG hallmates cook their specialty dishes to cheer UG up during exam period; at our hall festivals, freshmen organize events for both PG and UG to participate and have fun; during our Orientation, we help both UG and PG, local and non-local adapt to the hall environment and the community; on various sports and cultural teams, it is not surprising to see both local and non-local hallmates. We treat one another as buddies and close friends and despite our differences, we’re determined to share our joy together and create an environment of harmony – thus ‘from far we gather with joy and harmony’.

morrison 2
Among us are Formed Bonds of Lasting Unity

This is a line found near the end of our hall song – We dream that the Morrisonians’ spirit will be everlasting and the torch can pass on from generation to generation. Celebrating our centenary, Morrison Hall has a wide network of respectable and beloved alumni. They always come back as supporters in our events and mentors in our Mentorship and Brotherhood Programme. However, how strong such a dream is does not only reflect from the above, but the legendary story of the reestablishment of Morrison Hall. Dating back to 1968, our hall was demolished due to bankruptcy of the operating organization. Yet, the dream to rebuild the hall gathered a number of Senior Alumni together after 30 years in 1990s. It is the effort, determination and generosity of our Senior Alumni that allows us to achieve this seemingly impossible mission, seeing as how it involved a skyrocketing high cost. It is a legend that Morrisonians’ spirit can carry on even with a missing link of history, with our bonds horizontal within generation and vertical among generations.

“You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one”

Nothing will happen unless we first dream. Chase your dream and that is how they can be caught. Dreams of Morrisonians are achieved step by step in our hundred year legacy and it will continue with our determination with more bigger and greater dreams.

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